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Bilateral Neuropathy Definition

Etiology and Manifestation Codes Medical Coding Basics

Okay, I'm confused about the difference between etiology and manifestation codes. What is the difference and do you know any example have any examples And we just happen to have that. This is basic for coders. You know, you don't probably really think etiology and manifestation when you're coding. But what's the first you need to know is the guidelines. Etiology is telling you what the patient has wrong with them. Manifestation tells you how the etiology is presenting. So an example of that, 250. That's the diabetes with mellitus. That's the etiology. That's what the patient has. And keep in mind, diabetes codes always.

Have 5 digits, the 250. So they do trick you on the test sometimes and leave oen of those digits off. Okay so let's say our patient is 250.1. That's a type 1 diabetic and it's under control. So if this patient starts having some problems, their kidney starts acting up which is common with diabetes. The patient comes in to the office today because they're felling lightheaded and their feet has been swollen for a week. Nothing seems to alleviate that swelling. The patient's a type 1 diabetic at 35 years, their blood pressure's 15098.

They've got cluster edema in the ankles bilaterally and have high protein level in their urine. So this person's sick. They've got something going on. Their diabetes is the etiology and they have manifestations. So HTN, that's the abbreviation for hypertension. You've got protein in the urine Etiology and Manifestation Codesand you've got edema. These are all signs of renal neuropathy and that's common with people who's had diabetes for a long time. So our patient codes for this visit is going to be 250.41 and this code tells you to use.

Cervical Foraminal Stenosis and Nerve Compression Neck Pain Colorado Spine Surgeon

A part of the cervical spine or neck that is important is the uncovertebral joint and that is this little triangular outcropping of bone right here this point as we get older starts to enlarge and push against this point and that creates a spur the spur can live right in this area and of course that spur is right where the nerve root exits and therefore that spur can compress a nerve root and it's quite a common problem for patients with neck shoulder and arm pain these are actual cervical vertebra.

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