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Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy And Diabetes

Sudoscan demonstration tutorial

SUDOSCAN the two minute sudomotor function test SUDOSCAN is an FDA cleared medical device that measure sweat gland function as an indicator for small fiber peripheral neuropathy. The test does not require specialized training, preparation or certification and only takes two minutes to perform The patient is asked to put his hands and feet on the stainless steel sensor plates. Tthey must be centered on the plate for maximum skin to electrode contact Movement must be avoided and the patient must not be touched during the scan. The patient's name, ID, age, gender weight and height are typed into the.

Analyzer. The test starts when the scan button is pressed. As the test starts, the sensor plates auto calibrate and a small direct current of less than four Volts is applied to both the hand and foot sensor plates. The chloride ions from the sweat glands are attracted to the stainless steel plates The chloride conductance is quantified and acts as a biomarker to assess sweat gland function in relation to small nerve structure SUDOSCAN can distinguish between asymmetric and symmetric small nerve fibre damaged by swapping electrode polarity during scanning.

Thus allowing SUDOSCAN to differentiate between an isolated unilateral peripheral neuropathy and a peripheral autonomic neuropathy. A double beep indicates that the scan is complete. The patients report is automatically generated The measured conductances are expressed in micro siemens. A conductance of greater than or equal to sixty micro siemens indicates good sweat function, a conductance between fourty and sixty micro siemens indicates moderate sweat function and suggest possible early signs of peripheral autonomic neuropathy. A conductance of less than or equal to fourty micro siemens indicates poor sweat function and suggest possible advanced peripheral autonomic neuropathy.

The amount of observed asymmetry is an indicator of the type of peripheral neuropathy. For example symmetrical peripheral neuropathy would be consistent with either a pre diabetic or diabetic complication. Followup schedules are determined by the patient's SUDOSCAN conductance level and the asymmetry observed between the left and right sides. A patient with poor sweat function and or high asymmetry should receive medical evaluation and is encouraged to retest in three months. A patient with good sweat function and low asymmetry can proactively retest within six to nine months for preventative monitoring.

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy

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