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Close To Home Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Natural Remedies Cleanses How to Heal a Wound Fast Naturally With Honey

So you are looking for something a little more natural to dress a wound either a cut or possibly a burn. My name is Mark Brinson doctor of Oriental medicine, physical medicine specialist. When you get some type of a burn we are talking maybe first or second degree, second degree may have a little bit of a blistering to it. But not when the deeper tissues are burned like say for instance a third degree burn that needs to be treated in a hospital. With a first, second, degree burn or a cut, a minor cut, honey can be used to speed that.

Process. Remedies like this go way, way back.One of the first that I can remember is from hundreds of years ago called milk and bread in Europe. And what they used to do is take milk, soak bread in it for a couple of days until it formed a mold and they used to use that to pack wounds. We now know that the properties of that were really the things that were in penicillin or penicillin is made from. So it did have a natural antibiotic effect. With honey though, especially organic naturally produced honey that's local to you, it has.

A lot of antimicrobial properties that can help to speed a wound, and help to keep it covered. So first prepping the wound area, you might want to use a little bit of peroxide to clear any of the bacteria or toxins away from it initially. Make sure the wound is clean as well. Spread a thin layer of honey over it and then put a clean gauze dressing over the top of that and make sure that you tape it down securely. If you change the gauze twice a day and change the honey twice a day, you'll probably notice a significant healing.

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