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Diabetic Neuropathy Meaning

one of the most serious chronic complications of diabetes mellitus is a condition known as diabetic nephropathy. Which, if you break down the term into nephro and pathy literally means kidney disease that occurs secondary to diabetes.

And it’s actually pretty common as it eventually affects about 20% to 40% of all individuals with diabetes, including both type I and type II. In this tutorial, let’s talk about the mechanism underlying the cause of diabetic nephropathy and how individuals with diabetes develop the condition.

So diabetic nephropathy is a chronic complication of diabetes mellitus. Meaning, it usually has a slow progression over decades after the initial diagnosis of diabetes. And to give you an overview of what happens, an insulin deficiency due to the diabetes.

Results in hyperglycemia, which then causes hypertension and kidney dysfunction. This kidney function is actually then further worsened by the hypertension. And ultimately, all of this results in kidney failure, which can have very severe and potentially even.

Life threatening complications, such as anemia, electrolyte imbalances, such as metabolic acidosis, and heart arrhythmias. Now, before we dive into the mechanism of diabetic nephropathy, let’s briefly review the structure of the glomerulus in the kidney,.

By bringing in a diagram here. So, the glomerulus is the portion of the kidney where blood is initially filtered. So blood enters the glomerulus over here, through this afferent arterial, and then leaves the glomerulus through the efferent arterial.

And you can remember this, that it leaves through the efferent arterial for E for exit, or efferent. And while the blood is within the glomerulus, there’s this advanced filtration system, which we’ll talk about more in a minute.

And the filtered fluid that exits the blood is known as a filtrate and it collects in Bowman’s space before it enters into the tubules of the nephron where further reabsorption and secretion occurs before it exits the kidney into the ureters as urine.

diabetes how is diabetes treated type 2 diabetes symptoms

These symptoms have been seen to treat diabetes Diabetes is a common disease went to say but most patients with diabetes still do not know how to avoid diabetes. That is difficult for patients to control their diabetes and their disease progresses. In fact, diabetes or sugar diabetes is a lifestyle disease or hereditary. Gland called the pancreas to make insulin in the body reduces or stops, so it is a disease.

Insulin helps to control blood glucose. There are two types of diabetes, especially. The first insulin based diabetes. The hormone insulin is to be completely closed. The increased amount of glucose in the body to control the injection of insulin is required. Also the other based diabetes without insulin.

It is made in small amounts of insulin or pancreas does not function correctly. This kind of diabetes usually occurs in adults and may be less severe than the insulinbased diabetes. 90 per cent of diabetes patients are in the same category. Due to Diabetes It is important to learn about diabetes as well as pay attention to the reasons.

overweight. lack of exercise. Have diabetes in the family already. Being stressed. symptoms of diabetes If blood sugar is increasing, such as kidney failure, then it can also be fatal diseases.

Also not to be taken care of diabetes patients, heart attack and other heart diseases increases to four times as likely. Therefore it is necessary to know the symptoms to be treated immediately. Eyesight to be less frequent. Weight gain or loss frequently. Feeling weak all the time.

injuries have not a quick fix. Skin diseases. Increased appetite too much. Diabetes treatment Do not overlook any symptoms of diabetes. Or it could be likened to playing with life.

The start treatment immediately. Be sure to visit on a morning walk, but should not in extreme cold. Never walk barefoot diabetes patient. Diabetes Control, eyes, consult a , examining the retina will not have retinopathy. All these are problems that can be caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Just will not do yoga, exercise with daily medication is necessary.

Patients with diabetes should not fast. Sugar free sweets, potatoes, rice Avoid infatuation. The same calorie and sugar intake increases. Such deceitfulness not come to propaganda. Take special care of the food. The amount of fiber in the diet should be balanced.

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