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Diabetic Neuropathy Nursing Diagnosis

Home Remedies General Health FAQ How to Know When to See a Doctor for Tingling Fingers

Some people wake up and they find themselves with tingling fingers or extremities maybe in the toes. What you need to know about how or when to see a doctor for tingling fingers. I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse. Mainly what you're going to be looking at is how often it's coming on. Is it coming on every morning Is it just when you bump your arm because that's not really important but, if you find yourself waking up every morning with tingling extremities like your fingers and toes, it maybe your bed or something like that that's.

Causing it. Maybe the way you're sleeping. You need to look at certain things and find out when it's happening. To talk to a doctor about it, is maybe you have poor circulation, maybe you've got some nerve damage and those can be serious things that the doctor will need to treat. More often in that though, you'll find it's just that you slept wrong or something like that happens which is just a temporary fix and you shouldn't need to worry about it. But if you do see it happening often, definitely consult a physician. I'm.

Staffordshire University awarded European grant for new diabetic footwear

This is an innovative project with four other partners across Europe and India. The project focuses on the use of smart and innovative materials for use within diabetic footwear. Type 2 diabetes is a big problem, it's a growing problem across the world. Typically in Europe we have about three to five percent of incidence of diabetes. Within this, we have quite a high rate of ulcerations and in a diabetic foot, one of the problems is that once it's ulcerated, it might end up being amputated. The new design of foot pad is going to distribute the pressures and the load.

More evenly across the planted surface of the foot, hence there's not going to be any particular point that there's going to be a very high load, and in that sense we are distributing the load distributing the pressure, by which we are preventing ulcer formation. So if the ulcer doesn't form, then we don't have amputations. AR Hospitals, who we work with, are an established diabetic hospital in South India. Because of their focus within that, it's easy for us to work with an organization like that because the focus is going to be in diabetes rather than anything else.

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