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Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment Research

How Acetyl L Carnitine Helps Treat Neuropathy

Hi this is Dr. Silvester and I'm going to talk to you a little bit today about one of the supplements we use for our patients with diabetic neuropathy that seems to have a big effect in helping them and their nerves get better. There was actually a study done with this supplement where they took 1,275 patients who took this supplement, and they actually showed an increase in nerve fiber density, after taking this supplement for 52 weeks. They also showed that they had significant decrease in their pain, and they had significantly.

Improved quality of life after taking this supplement. It's acetyl l carnitine. Acetyl l carnitine works in the same way as many other antioxidants and many other nerve healing supplements. They help the nerve make more energy so it can heal itself and regrow. If you want to start your nerves on the path of healing, not just treating them with prescription medication, which really all they do is help the nerve feel better while it's dying, you can actually heal them with acetyl l carnitine and good studies have backed that up. With.

Eva Feldman, MD Tutorial Profile

Gtgt Dr. Eva Feldman So when I completed college I had the dilemma whether I wanted to go straight into medical school or whether I also wanted to do research because when I was in college, I got very excited about the brain and had, again a professor who told me that he felt that in the next century all the major advances in medicine and in research we're going to be in the nervous system particularly in the brain. So when I finished college, I decided oh maybe I'll get a PhD and a M.D.

And so I started my graduate studies first and I began in a neuroscience program at the University of Michigan. Fell in love with the brain completely and when I started medical school there was no doubt from the very first day in medical school, I said I was going to be a neurologist and I loved every day of it. One of my passions as a neurologist is also to be a neuroscientist. So I'm very privileged to have a fairly large laboratory that I work in with about 30 young people who do research with me.

And we've become very interested over the last 5 years in using stem cells in regenerative medicine particularly in neurodegenerative diseases in neurology. Lou Gehrig's disease is one passion that we have. We're also interested in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease. So from our basic findings in the laboratory of how stem cells can promote nerve regeneration and protect nerve cells from dying, we've actually begun a clinical trial using stem cells in patients with Lou Gehrig's disease. So it's very exciting because what I do in my basic science laboratory I can then transition.

Over to my clinical practice and ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease is one of the disorders that I am familiar with and I take care of hundreds of patients with that disorder. And so I'm able to serve as a bridge from the basic science to the clinic. I can go to the clinic and tell my patients what I've learned in my basic science laboratory. I can go back and tell my basic scientists what my patients have taught us and they teach us so much. And so stem cells is one of the major avenues I see translating in the near future.

Diabetes Treatment New Diabetes Treatment For Reversing Your Diabetes Naturally

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Joslin Researchers Identify Immune Cells That Promote Growth of Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes

New research from Joslin Diabetes Center shows that in type 1 diabetes while Tcells are killing beta cells their also trying to help those beta cells to regrow it has been told for a long time that T cells the immune cells are destroying the beta cells but in this paper we show that there's also a benefit for the beta cells for proliferation this is a very interesting study which we started looking into because of the previous data from the Medalist Studies where people have looked at patients with type 1 diabetes for.

A longer period of time ago fifty years and some others patients show a proliferation of beta cells Ercument Dirice, a postdoc in doctor Rohit Kulkarni's lab found that certain subsets of T cells that kill beta cells also secrete what they call soluble factors which stimulate betacell proliferation or reproduction so it seems ironic that on the one hand the killing the cells but on the other hand they are also trying to protect and that exactly is the question we want to address because it's something very new in the field that has been overlooked.

That in fact some of these cells which are attacking the beta cells are actually trying to protect them to maintain homeostasis any potential treatments developed from this discovery will take many trials over a number of years to perfect and to cure type 1 diabetes betacell proliferation therapies would have to be coupled with suppression of the immune system but this discovery is a start So we are opening a window a frame here to show this that these candidates can be used as a contributor for immunosuppresive therapies. and the next step would be to.

UofL earns 2nd NIH grant for diabetes obesity research

Dr. Ramsey We're here today to announce that our Diabetes and Obesity Center in the Institute for Molecular Cardiology at the University of Louisville has been awarded its second COBRE Grant from the National Institute of Health for $11,250,000 over a 5 year period. Aruni Bhatnagar It is diabetes and obesity that poses the most significant threat to our health and wellbeing. In the last ten years, the number of obese and diabetic people in the country has doubled and these conditions have reached epidemic proportions. Not only does diabetes and obesity affect the quality of life, but they add to the burden of chronic.

Diseases like heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, nerve disease, and cancer. Diabetes remains the number 1 cause of limb amputation and blindness in this country. So therefore the single most important thing that we can do is to increase life expectancy and to increase the quality of life is to find new ways to treat and prevent diabetes and obesity. And in a small way, the center will be contributing to stem the tide of these rising epidemics. By pushing the boundaries of common knowledge, we are learning more each day about the processes that lead to diabetes and the processes that contribute.

To obesity. David Dunn Getting an NIH grant these days is tough enough, let alone getting one for an additional five years with an increase in funding, in fact, is absolutely astounding. I think it's fair to say that Roberto Bolli and Aruni Bhatnagar are a dynamic duo here in research. They've done really wonderful things. I will tell you, both of these men, individually and together, are very proud of their research programs, but I think they're more proud that the research that they're doing is being translated into clinical care.

Treatment Of Peripheral Neuropathy Alternative Methods

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New Diabetic Neuropathy Research Study

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