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Disability Fibromyalgia Neuropathy

My name is David Northcutt. I’m oneof the podiatrists here at Dallas Podiatry Works. Today I want to discuss diabetic peripheralneuropathy. There are several reasons for the development of peripheral neuropathy,but diabetic peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy simply meansnerve damage that is caused from having diabetes. This is not something that develops rapidly,but is a slowly worsening and progressive condition which happens over the period ofseveral years. The loss of sensation that occurs with nerve damage from diabetes makesthe patient more prone to developing open

sores or ulcers. Patients often do not know that they havea sore or wound, due to this lack of sensation. This can lead to significant complicationsincluding amputations. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy usually occurs in patients whodo not maintain their blood sugar well, however it can occur in anyone with diabetes. The symptoms of neuropathy include numbness,tingling, pain, burning in the feet which can progress up to the legs, there’s oftenloss of muscle tone, loss of balance, and changes to foot structure. To determine whetheryou have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a

history and physical will be performed. Simple,in office, noninvasive testing helps to diagnose the problem. Neurologic tests sometimes areordered. Sometimes a biopsy of the peripheral nerves in the skin may also be performed.Treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy begins with good control of your blood sugar.There are oral medications as well as topical medications that may reduce your symptoms.Prevention of diabetic peripheral neuropathy includes maintaining good blood sugar levels. If you have any symptoms of numbness, burning,tingling in your feet or legs, please give us a call at Dallas Podiatry Works. We willwork to get the correct diagnosis to help

relieve your symptoms..

Fibromyalgia and Social Security Disability

Hello. I am Kimberly Bishop with The BishopLaw Firm. The Bishop Law Firm only represents Social Security Disability clients. We arelocated in Raleigh, NC. This tutorial discusses Fibromyalgia and your Social Security Disabilityhearing. Fibromyalgia can be difficult to prove at your Social Security Disability hearingand it also can be very difficult to win your case based on Fibromyalgia alone. These tipsare for someone trying to explain to the judge how their Fibromyalgia affects their dailylife and their ability to work. Based on my interactions with clients with Fibromyalgiathere are two different types of pain that one may feel from Fibromyalgia. One type isgeneralized body pain which is an achy flu

like constant pain or nagging/aggravationwhich can be worsened by activity, by the weather or by being touched. The second typeof Fibromyalgia pain that my clients have told me about is localized fibromyalgia pain.There may be one spot on your body such as your back, knees, neck or feet. This partof your body can constantly hurt whether you are in a Fibromyalgia flare or not. When someonehas Fibromyalgia it’s difficult to explain how they feel to the ALJ so I usually tryto ask my clients what type of activities they do that aggravates their Fibromyalgiapain (for some people it is sweeping, for others it may be trying to dust, or goingto the grocery store and the fatigue that

they feel from doing simple daily activities.this is a good way to illustrate how your Fibromyalgia affects your ability to work.Also if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a general practitioner (your family ),obviously it is better for you to be diagnosed by a rheumatologist (a specialist who candefinitely give you specialized treatment for Fibromyalgia). Another thing about Fibromyalgiais that it is always good that you have tried a variety of methods to alleviate your Fibromyalgiapain. Aqua therapy, physical therapy, exercise programs, different types of medications thata person can take. There are also alternative medicines that many of my clients have triedto alleviate their Fibromyalgia pain (acupuncture).

All the things that you have tried enhanceyour credibility for Social Security Disability because you are basically able to tell thejudge: your honor I have tried this, this, and this and I still have this Fibromyalgiapain that prevents me from working. Effort does count for a lot with Fibromyalgia orany type of impairment for a Social Security Disability case. Thank you for watching. Thisis Kimberly Bishop with The Bishop Law Firm..

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