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Essential Oils And Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy NumbTingling Feet Symptoms Resolved .DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the office, you presented with chronic burning, tingling, and numbness in both lower legs and feet. How did you respond to our neuropathy program, and how are you doing today I've responded remarkably and I am doing, I would say, 95 better today so far on the program. I had basically in my feet area I was not having the feeling that I should have had. Of course it had affected my personality, basically getting hard to live with, but now I am just feeling 95 100 better. Since I've started.

PostOp Breast Cancer MRT Treatment Success

About five years ago, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. And I went through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Um.and it took me about a year before I realized that I really needed help with some of the stiffness in my shoulder and through my rib cage. My overhead range of motion was not good. And whenever I reached behind me it would send my muscles into spasm. I was not able to sleep very well at night. And any time I turned over to that side it would wake me up.

So, I was getting interrupted sleep night after night. I had done a little bit of massage therapy. And, I had done all the exercises and stretches that the doctors wanted me to do to try to counteract the effects of the radiation..and everything just kept getting worse. The stiffness and the pain was getting worse. And my muscles were getting weaker instead of stronger, even though I had joined a gym and had been doing that sort of therapy, too. I knew there had to be something out there that would help me.

Interviewer And then you came to the Mettler Center and Sheila did some examination, and what did she find Um.she was pretty stymied at first because my shoulder blade was so locked down. And my muscles, lot of them, were just hard as a rock. So, she determined that she had to do some of the MRT to get me going again. which really helped. I had noticedbefore I came one of the things I wanted to do at the gym was to use the elliptical machine. And at that time, I was only able to go for about seven minutes, and it wasn't that my legs gave out.

Or anything like that, it was that I didn't have the air capacity to keep going. And after just one or two treatments with Sheila, I double that time. And then from that point, things really progressed steadily. It was slow, but it was steady progression. Interviewer Can you tell me now how your function has changed from the treatments you've had I can now sleep on the left side. Most nights I fall asleep on that side. So, I am sleeping all night now. And then in turn, I'm not thinking about it all day because I'm really not in much pain at all any more.

Rubbing Oil Neuropathy Neuropathy Pain Relief Oil, Essential Oils For Neuropathy Herbspro

Rubbing Oil Neuropathy Neuropathy Pain Relief Oil, Essential Oils For Neuropathy Herbspro,Rubbing oil gives temporary relief from symptoms of neuropathy. Buy frankincense myrrh neuropathy rubbing oil on special discount at..

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Neuropathy Meets Clinical Grade Essential Oils 2..

Peripheral Neuropathies 3/20/2015 Audio Podcast.Dr. Joel Wallach starts the show discussing peripheral neuropathies. Outlining the various types of neuropathies and explaining what causes the problem..

Neuropathy Meets Ameo Clinical Grade Essential Oil..

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Spinal Neuropathy

Spinal Neuropathy,How Young Living Essential Oils have helped relieve the pain and discomfort of Spinal Neuropathy..

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Nutritional Management Of Peripheral Neuropathy - NeuRemedy, "The Neuropathy Vitamin".Nutritional Management of Peripheral Neuropathy NeuRemedy, The Neuropathy Vitamin.NeuRemedy The special formulation in NeuRemedy..

Hemp Oil And Neuropathy.Testimony of my work with a patient that was suffering from neuropathy in her hands as a side effect of chemotherapy andor radiation therapy..

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