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Genetic Optic Neuropathy

Accessibility at WIU Accessible Documents

Accessibility at WIU Accessible Documents Hi, my name is Matthew Lawson, I am a freshman meteorology major at Western Illinois University. My vision impairment is leber's hereditary optic neuropathy, I cannot see distance, I cannot read fine print. It started when I was fifteen years old and decreased six to eight months later. Technology I use for education, I use what's called Jaws, it is a screen reader. It reads everything off the computer anything that you type Jaws speaking type anything that you do, it reads it for you.

Trelle, Optic Nerve Atrophy Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

It was an emotional adventure for my daughter and myself She has always been a strong person, before she lost her vision and even after. My name is Trelle Dandridge and I'm from Galveston, Texas in the United States and I have optic nerve atrophy from a head trauma in a car accident and I lost my vision slowly over the course of about ten years starting with my peripheral vision and then ending with my central vision. There were no prior treatments in my country and there has never been anything available.

For what happened to me. Which is why I started researching what was available elsewhere. I found out about Beike Biotech by researching on the internet and this was the first option that was presented to me that actually seemed like a viable one. I have had two sets of stem cell injections now one in China and one here in Thailand. After receiving stem cell treatment in China, I started noticing increased light perception, which was big for me, and I did have a neuroophthalmologist that measured the growth of my nerves before and after.

He was able to measure optic nerve tissue growth in both of my optic nerves. Stem cell treatment here at Better Being has definitely enhanced and will continued to enhance the stem cells' viability over time. The most significant part of the treatment plan, I feel has been the comprehensive part of being here at Better Being. I like the holistic approach, where they focus on nutrition, they focus on exercise, they focus on the hyperbaric chamber. The holistic approach here has been such a better experience. They provide the stem cells with a healthy environment for them to help live as long.

As they can and to continue to regenerate as much as they can. The staff and the doctors are very compassionate. I've enjoyed my stay here. The program is very comprehensive. And you feel like you can go home and actually continue doing the things you were taught here. I would say that it's definitely worth a shot. When you see changes that affect vision, then it's a good thing. I am very fortune that I was part of this with my daughter and I just look forward to following the changes in her and I'm very blessed for the people that we have met on.

London 2012 Joans story

Hello, my name is Joan Clarke, I'm 55, I live in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and I have congenital optic atrophy. I've had this condition since birth I was born six weeks premature, I weighed about three pounds. I can see about six feet ahead of me, but I can't see expressions on faces and I use a white symbol cane to get around. I'm going to be part of the Event Services Team at the Paralympic Games. I'm excited about taking part because there were 250,000 applied to be games makers. I'm going to be assisting people around the venue, showing.

Them around the Olympic Park. I'm going to be checking people in with a ticket machine that I've been shown how to use. If it hadn't been for RNIB I wouldn't have actually discovered the volunteering for the games. I found an article in the RNIB Vision magazine back in August 2010. So I rang RNIB, spoke to a lady at the RNIB, she gave me two forms of ID to quote and gave me a number to ring. So I rang the Olympic team number that she'd given me she took me through the process of completing the application over the phone and then later on I got an email asking me.

To go for an interview. Every stage of the training that I've done so far for the games, they've made it all accessible. What they've given to people who can see in print, they've actually given it to me in my preferred format, which is braille. I think it's so important for visually impaired to be involved in the games and the Paralympic Games. I mean why should we be excluded We're part of the human race. I think there's about 60 or 70 people who are actually visually impaired are actually being volunteers for the games, all with different.

Patient Story Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

Patient Story Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy,Short tutorial from one of the attendees of Findacures patient group workshop, 24th January 2014 If you would like to support our work with patient groups, why..

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Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Finaal Vid.Description..

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Hereditary And Toxic Nutritional Optic Neuropathies

Hereditary And Toxic Nutritional Optic Neuropathies,.

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Pie In The Face For LHON.Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy LHON is a genetic disorder that generally starts with blurred vision in one or both eyes. Over time, vision in both eyes..

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