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Heel Pain Treatment Exercises

Hey everybody, it’s jo. occasionally, i’ll have patients ask me questions, and i’m not quite sure what they’re talking about in the beginning. For example, I had a patient the other week that asked me about his Plantain French Frydis. And it took me a few minutes to realize that he actually meant Plantar Fasciitis. Now this is something that actually can be very, very painful when you have it, and it can prevent you from walking sometimes, even. Most of the time you feel it early in the morning when you first get out of bed.

But if you stretch your foot out a little bit, then it’s not quite as painful. so today what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna show you some stretches for your Plantar Fasciitis. So before we begin our stretches for our Plantar Fasciitis, I just want to introduce you really quick to my assistant Bailey. And she’s kind of sleepy, but, you know, she’s definitely here to support me in everything I do. So what I’m gonna have you do first, this is gonna be a calf stretch. And um, what you can do is you can get a belt, or a dog leash,.

If you have a dog. that makes it very nice cause they have loops on the end, but either way, I’m gonna have you take your belt, or your dog leash, and what you’re gonna do with this one is usually when you just get a calf stretch, your gonna pull in like this. You want your leg to be straight, and you’re gonna relax your foot and pull towards you. Now with Plantar Fasciitis, you actually want to get your toes involved, too. Now most of the time when I’m just telling someone to stretch their calves, I don’t want then to.

Get their toes involved, but with this one you want to stretch those toes as well as your calf that’s really gonna stretch out that fascia underneath which is basically a tissue layer underneath that gets, that’s the part that gets irritated. Itismeans irritated. So, guess how long you’re gonna hold it? 30 seconds, 3 times each. That’s the standard for your stretches. So, you’re just gonna big pull stretch, you want to keep your knee straight. If your knee starts coming up, that’s not gonna get the stretch. So make.

Sure that your knee is staying straight. alright, after you get those stretches in, then what you’re gonna do next is a little bit of massage on your foot. You want to massage out that fascia that’s irritated. So you can take off your shoes, take off your sock. And make sure your foot’s nice and clean when you’re showing it to people. And what you’re gonna do is just really simple, you can get some lotion which will help increase the heat in there, make your fingers move a little bit easier, but what you’re doing is, if you do have Plantar.

Fascii. fi. lt;laughgt; i can’t even say it right. plantar fasciitis. you’ll be able to feel some bumps in that fascia, and that’s just that irritated skin in there. What you’re gonna do is your just gonna start off and you’re gonna take your thumbs and you’re gonna push through there and then you’re gonna go out at the and. And so you’re pushing it out as you go. And like I said, if you can get somebody to do it for you, it’s a lot nicer. Alright, but you’re just kind of giving yourself a massage to really loosen everything up.

So probably about 5 minutes of that, and that should have everything a little bit loosened up for ya. Alright so, then next thing we’re gonna do is do some sitting stuff over here on the couch. And maybe move Bailey out of the way. Alright ooh, Bailey magically disappeared. How convenient. Ok, so the next stretches I’m gonna show you are stretches you can do as you’re getting up out of bed before you actually get up and stand on your foot. Because this is the most painful time. So I’m gonna take off my shoes cause I wouldn’t have my.

Shoes on while i’m sleeping. and what i’m gonna do to start off with is you can get something just like a noodle from the store. These are usually about 99 cents, not very expensive. What you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna simply take your foot roll it all the way to the heel, roll it back all the way back to your toes. And this is gonna stretch out that fascia underneath. So as much as you can tolerate, you know it might be a little painful cause you’re stretching it out, but again you don’t want tears coming down. So.

The top 3 exercises for heel spurs

Hi im heather moore owner of total performance physical therapy, today were going to go through 3 exercises you can be doing if youve been diagnosed with heel spurs or think you have a heel spur, if you have not been properly diagnosed and youre experiencing pain in your heel and you think it might be a heel spur you want to consult with your health care practitioner to make sure you have the correct diagnosis even though pain may be in the heel it can be coming from a number of different areas so you want to.

Make sure that youre treating the accurate feet so the first thing you want to do with the heel spur is you want to make sure that you stretch out any muscles that are coming in to that heel so youre going to start with a cuff stretch, straw, lunge okay keeping that foot flat, knee straight everything is straight forward and youre just going to lean as far as you can until you feel a nice stretch in the back of that, if you dont feel a stretch with this you can start with your toes on a step and then drop your heel.

Down, you may have a more effective stretch, you want to hold that 30 seconds and you want to do about 6 of those. I recommend doing both sides even if you dont have the pain on both sides. The next exercise that you want to do is more of the bottom of your foot, youre going to take off your shoe, youre going to put your toes flat on the ground, and youre going to keep your toes flat on the ground and youre going to reed your foot up nice.

And easy youre going to feel a stretch coming from the bottom of your foot even if you dont you still want to do this 30 seconds 6 times, if you cant go this far back off a little bit nice and easy okay and goes to a point where you feel a nice gentle stretch, if you want to you can bend your knee to get a little bit more stretch and if you have numbness and tingling you want to stop this immediately and call your healthcare professional for a response, finally you want to do the beastie ball, if youre following on your.

Screen to purchase a beastie ball but you want to do is you want to make sure that you are getting this in to every groove on the bottom of your foot, this has spikes on it so its going to get in there nicely, a lot of people asked me about using a golf ball its okay it doesnt have spike on it its actually going to break up a lot of those adhesions that are found on the bottom of your heel and again you dont want to stick to the bottom of your heel youre going to go all the way down into your foot,.

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