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Patient Testimonials


"Being diagnosed as diabetic was hard enough. Finding out I might lose sensation in my feet or even lose a limb was unbearable! Neuropathy Health Center helped me pull my life together and tackle the problem head-on."

Stacy, 65 (Albany, NY)


"Finding the cold hard facts about diabetic neuropathy was tough. Finding the appropriate treatment for my particular situation was damn near impossible. Thanks, Neuropathy Health Center, for helping me make the tough decisions and get my life back on track."

Eric, 56 (Austin, TX)

Diabetic Neuropathy Help

Although there is no foolproof method to stop diabetic neuropathy altogether, the field of diabetic neuropathy treatment and management has progressed significantly in the last two decades. Nowhere is this accumulation of knowledge and treatment acumen more apparent than in the development of Neuropathy Health Center's innovative treatment centers. Neuropathy Health Center's approach combines traditional medical diabetic neuropathy pain relief treatments with new forms of management for less apparent but still damaging symptoms. Together with the latest in diabetic neuropathy alternative treatment options, Neuropathy Health Center represents the most aggressive and advanced treatment options available for diabetics struggling to come to terms with the challenges of diabetic neuropathy.

Setting Up a Neuropathy Health Center Appointment

Setting up an appointment at a regional Neuropathy Health Center location is easy. We accept referrals from virtually all private physicians, hospitals and even emergency care centers. First appointments most frequently take the form of diagnostic sessions with the most advanced equipment available to identify the presence and/or extent of degenerative nerve damage. These sessions are often used by primary care physicians as a precursor to their own in-depth treatment and consultation for you. Here at Neuropathy Health Center, we go out of our way to empower primary care physicians interested in maintaining care of their own patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

Some patients, however, choose to continue their long-term care with us, especially if they live within a convenient distance of one of our many different care facilities. For these patients, our services can also include yearly maintenance checkups to monitor the progress of nerve damage and protect against further injury, physical therapy to monitor the full range of motion in the extremities and encourage healthy physical activity in danger areas of the body and physical retraining services to manage day to day life with the physical limitations of diabetic neuropathy, prescriptions for any medications necessary to treat diabetic neuropathy pain as well as side effects related to the disease and the most advanced collection of diabetic neuropathy alternative treatment techniques available.

Neuropathy Health Center represents the most comprehensive tools available in the fight against the effects of diabetic neuropathy. Our services are fast, efficient and confidential, and we go out of our way to make sure you and your doctor have the best possible chance against this debilitating disease. With our help, diabetic neuropathy doesn't have to be the end of a comfortable, active and fulfilling lifestyle. Take charge of your own future, and give one of our local treatment centers a call today! Our trained reception staff will make a specific method of appointment based on your doctor's observations or your own personal description. Appointments can usually be made within a couple weeks of the scheduling date, providing you with the quick response time necessary to prevent long term and permanent nerve damage.

Diabetes Quick Facts:

  • 25.8 million people in the US suffer from diabetes.
  • Approximately 70% of diabetics suffer from mild to severe forms of nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy), with 11.6 million suffering from severe chronic diabetic neuropathy.
  • Of that 11.6 million, an estimated 5.1 million are undiagnosed.
  • Each year, almost 2 million new cases of adult diabetes are diagnosed.
  • Of those new cases, an estimated eight hundred thousand people will go on to develop diabetic neuropathy within twenty years.
  • Last year, diabetes was listed as the primary cause of death on over 85,000 death certificates, and as a contributing cause of death on another 170,000 death certificates.
  • Over 65% of non-traumatic amputations in the United States are due to diabetic neuropathy.
  • Over 80,000 non-traumatic lower-limb amputations were done in the United States as a direct result of diabetic neuropathy last year.

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