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How To Stop Diabetic Neuropathy By Nomorevitamins Com

Reducing Neuropathy Discomfort with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Hi, this is Dr. Silvester and I'm going to talk to you about another one of the supplements that we use in our patients who have diabetic neuropathy and that's called alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid has been used for 20 years, treating a lot of different conditions HIV, sciatica, cancer, liver problems, hepatitis, strokes, vascular disease, diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. Also, it's been used in patients who have Alzheimer's, to try to help them somewhat. It's not completely effective in any of those things it's a supplement and used as an adjunctive treatment for all of those things. It also plays an.

Important role in nerve metabolism, because what alpha lipoic acid does, is it works in a thing called the Krebs Cycle in your cell. What the Krebs Cycle is is it's the cycle that generates most of the energy that a cell needs. If you think of it like a gas tank in a car, alpha lipoid acid supports putting fuel in that gas tank. The energy requirements in cells varies a lot on the type of the cell. Your skin cells don't require very much energy, muscle cells require some, tendons.

Require very little because they just sit there, but nerve cells are always using energy. They're the most nerve sensitive cell in your body. By taking alpha lipoid acid and supporting that fuel tank, you can actually increase your nerve's ability to function normally and to heal. The other thing that alpha lipoid acid does is after you take enough that your Krebs Cycle is full, it then becomes an antioxidant. If you do some research on oxidative stress, we think that plays a significant role in a lot of different disease processes.

Including neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid is a supplement that we use quite frequently in our patients with diabetic neuropathy, and what we tell them is that they've got to be a little bit careful, because alpha lipoic acid can lower your blood sugar. It's a benefit if you have a little trouble with your blood sugar, it's probably not a benefit if you're under good control. Also, it can cause a little problem with your thyroid. Levothyroxine can go down and also you probably shouldn't take it if you're having chemotherapy.

Diabetic Retinopathy Australia

Hi I'm Andrew Bowden from Envision Optical and this month I'm going to talk about one of our common eye care topics, diabetes and the eyes. The reason I'm doing that is in the middle of July it's actually Diabetes Awareness Week. where Diabetes Australia gets out there and really promotes to the public diabetes in general. So, I'm going to talk to you a little about diabetes and the eyes. So there's, I think, almost one million Australians walking around with potentially diabetes undiagnosed is one of the numbers out there.

Diabetes is Type 1 and Type 2 Type 2 generally affects older people Type 1 can be childhood onset, so up to about 50 of people with diabetes can actually have changes in the eyes and the most common is what we call Diabetic Retinopathy. Diabetic Retinopathy is generally bleeding and changes in the blood vessels in the retina at the back of the eye So, as part of our normal, comprehensive eye test we have a thorough look in the back of your eyes and many times a year we'll look in the back of someone's eye,.

See changes in the blood vessels, or little haemorrhages like this and we'll then actually then find out that person we suggest to them if they are unaware of any problems, they should go have a blood test and they'll often come back diagnosed as a diabetic. The risk factors for diabetes are family history, being overweight and age. So, particularly the weight thing can be controlled. But with Diabetic Retinopathy it affects the retina at the back of the eyes. It occurs due to breakdown of the integrity of the walls of the blood vessels,.

So you get leaking fluid out into the retina. The retina is a very fine detailed regularly arranged structure and if there's any disruption to that, you'll get distortions in your vision. If it's not treated you can have permanent scarring and lose some sight So, it's really important that any problems are picked up and they can be dealt with. But most important is prevention, which comes down to if you are diabetic making sure that your control of your diabetes is strict, your blood sugars are very stable, and that's going to minimise the chance of you having long term complications.

The way it's pick up is just a good thorough look in the back of the eye. We routinely suggest taking photographs of the back of the eye so we can detect any fine detail changes from your previous visit. If there are any changes detected, we can do scans of the retina on OCT's which I've talked about before. Any swelling or problems that are picked up we refer you to the diabetic eye specialist, and they might do laser, they might do injections and a variety of different treatments to reduce that swelling and make sure your vision is maintained.

They'll also liaise with your General Practitioner to make sure your optimising your diabetic control and if you are someone who didn't know you were diabetic, obviously they are going to test thoroughly and deal with that as needed. Diabetic Retinopathy is very common, we see it on a daily basis, basically, and it's just another indication of why you should have regular eye checks At Envision Optical we have that good thorough look, so come down and let us have a look for you and we'll make sure the back of your eyes are all healthy and.

Can Neuropathy Be Treated Without Medications

Hello and thank you for watching our tutorial. Have you been told that nothing can be done and that you are just going to have to live with it regarding your Neuropathy in your feet If you have been told that all of your tests and drugs that you have been placed on won't be able to improve your condition, you are one of many people. Take hear though. There are natural solutions to help your neuropathy in your feet that's effecting you. It's important to address the deeper cause of what's going on, which are sick arterial walls. Did you.

Know that by using a natural vasodilator and some simple natural plant based ingredients that you can start a process that can not only stop the neuropathy from progressing it even has a chance to reverse it just a little bit so you can get back to your life again and stop progressing down this road that neuropathy takes so many people down. I am glad that you have the inclination, idea, and thought to seek out natural means for help with your diabetic neuropathy. Natural is always the way to go. Thanks for watching.

Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy Burning, Tingling and Pain

Here at Richardson Podiatry Center, we see quite a few diabetics. People with diabetes have certain conditions that affect the health of their feet. These conditions are peripheral neuropathy where people lose feeling in their feet, decreased circulation, and also skin conditions such as fungus and ingrown toenails. The most troubling problem diabetics have with their feet is peripheral neuropathy. Approximately 2040 of people with diabetes will develop peripheral neuropathy over their lifetime. What peripheral neuropathy will do is that, with the loss of feeling in your feet, you cannot feel any type of injury to.

Your foot. It's common for people with peripheral neuropathy for their feet to feel like blocks of wood. They can step on any type of sharp object they can cut their feet and not know it. They might not see the problem until they see redness and swelling and maybe even drainage coming from a wound. At that point, the infections are very hard to treat because, again, it's not only peripheral neuropathy caused from diabetes, they also usually have decreased circulation. When you have decreased circulation, your body cannot fight infections like a person.

Vision for the Future Innovative Treatment for Diabetic Eye Disease from the Beetham Eye Institute

In 1921 the introduction of insulin revolutionized the treatment of diabetes. Yet, as Elliot P. Joslin himself noticed, as patients lived longer, they developed unexpected complications. One of the most severe was diabetic eye disease. Experts estimate a half a billion eyes will be effected by diabetic retinopathy worldwide by the year 2030. Left untreated, it leads to blindness after 20 to 30 years with diabetes. A laser treatment, developed in the 1970s halted vision deterioration for some patients, but didn't provide any vision improvement. But, an injectable treatment discovered by a collaboration between top experts in eye.

Vision for the Future Better Vision with AntiVEGF

Once VEGF was identified as the Factor X molecule responsible for proliferative diabetic retinopathy, researchers focusing on other causes of blindness began investigating. Over the span of a few years, VEGF was proven to play a role in many diseases that lead to vision loss, including retinopathy of prematurity, central retinal vein occlusion, and agerelated macular degeneration. The researchers realized the best way to prevent blindness from these conditions would be to stop the actions of the VEGF molecule. Over the next several years we worked with Dr. Ferrara and Genentech and a variety of other groups to look at inhibitors, first in cell.

Culture and then in animal eyes, and then eventually these went into clinical trials in humans. The results of clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of these medications for a variety of diseases were published in 2010. The antiVEGF injections were rapidly incorporated into practice, proving to be twice as effective at vision improvement, and three times more effective at preventing vision loss as compared to laser treatment. This is a huge advance in the treatment for diabetic patients, not just type one, but type two as well. The treatment starts with 7 to 8 injections in the first year, and get.

Progressively fewer over four years. Eventually, the patient might not need any more treatments to maintain good vision. The magnitude of this discovery has not gone unnoticed. In 2014, the Antnio Champalimaud Vision Award was presented to researchers involved in developing antiVEGF agents, including Joan W. Miller, Evangelos S. Gragoudas, and Patricia A. D'Amore of Massachusettsdr Eye and Ear Infirmary, Napoleon Ferrara and Anthony P. Adamis of Genentech, along with Dr. King and Dr. Aiello. The award, considered the Nobel of eye reach recognized the researchers for their work in bringing the injectable treatments to fruition. To.

Suffering with Nerve Pain Amarillo Foot Pain Relief

Millions of Americans suffer every day with tingling, burning, or numbness in their feet. If you or someone you love has these symptoms, or has been diagnosed with neuropathy, there is hope. I'm Dr. Bryan Bullard at the Bullard Foot and Ankle Institute. I've tried to bring the most advanced treatments and technologies available to help you and your suffering. There are a number of reasons why you may be suffering from these symptoms. One of the most common reasons being diabetes. Regardless of why you have these symptoms, the option.

Of 'just live with it' is not an option. Being a fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons has allowed me to learn the newest and most effective treatments from some of the brightest minds in the country. Neuropathy and, in my opinion, painful Neuropathy can affect every part of your life. Wouldn't it be great to be able to fall asleep at night, without the tingling and burning in your feet There is hope. Call the institute today. My staff is ready to help you get your life back.

Burning Hands Burning Feet Pain Relieved .DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the office you presented with peripheral neuropathy damage in your hands and in your feet and lower legs. You complained of tingling and burning initially presenting to the office. How have you responded to our program for neuropathy management, and how are you doing today sir Well I think I'm improving. When I first came here I really had a problem. My feet were sweating, the were burning, and they were tingling and my hands the same way. As far as my feet are concerned, it's coming along real good. I.

Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Pain By NoMoreVitamins Com

Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Pain By NoMoreVitamins Com,.

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