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Is Neuropathy A Neurological Disorder

Eva Feldman, MD Tutorial Profile

Gtgt Dr. Eva Feldman So when I completed college I had the dilemma whether I wanted to go straight into medical school or whether I also wanted to do research because when I was in college, I got very excited about the brain and had, again a professor who told me that he felt that in the next century all the major advances in medicine and in research we're going to be in the nervous system particularly in the brain. So when I finished college, I decided oh maybe I'll get a PhD and a M.D.

And so I started my graduate studies first and I began in a neuroscience program at the University of Michigan. Fell in love with the brain completely and when I started medical school there was no doubt from the very first day in medical school, I said I was going to be a neurologist and I loved every day of it. One of my passions as a neurologist is also to be a neuroscientist. So I'm very privileged to have a fairly large laboratory that I work in with about 30 young people who do research with me.

And we've become very interested over the last 5 years in using stem cells in regenerative medicine particularly in neurodegenerative diseases in neurology. Lou Gehrig's disease is one passion that we have. We're also interested in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease. So from our basic findings in the laboratory of how stem cells can promote nerve regeneration and protect nerve cells from dying, we've actually begun a clinical trial using stem cells in patients with Lou Gehrig's disease. So it's very exciting because what I do in my basic science laboratory I can then transition.

Over to my clinical practice and ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease is one of the disorders that I am familiar with and I take care of hundreds of patients with that disorder. And so I'm able to serve as a bridge from the basic science to the clinic. I can go to the clinic and tell my patients what I've learned in my basic science laboratory. I can go back and tell my basic scientists what my patients have taught us and they teach us so much. And so stem cells is one of the major avenues I see translating in the near future.

Meet Stanley Iyadurai, MSc, PhD, MD Neurologist

I am Dr. Stanley Iyadurai. I'm one of the neuromuscular doctors here at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and I deal with the most of the neuromuscular disorders that relate from a range of disorders from numbness, tingling, neuropathies all the way to motor neuron disorders such as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. I became interested in this specialty because the neuromuscular disorders is a tougher area within neurology to diagnose and treat disorders. Most of them are genetic disorders that underlie this field. And that fascinated me and that's why I'm interested in this. My approach to patient care revolves.

Around that we should not miss anything that's treatable. That's what I've been taught, that's what I will teach. It is very critical that we know exactly what the patients have and provide the appropriate treatment. There are times that treatment may not be available but we need to be able to provide them hope and support and that's what we will do. The most rewarding part of being a neuromuscular doctor is that we realize every patient is unique and they have separate needs in terms of their evaluation and testing. What we are.

Able to do is identify subtle differences in how they present, how they look or how they do certain things and provide clues and take clues from what they have to tell us and make a specific diagnosis. And most of the neuromuscular doctors are pretty observant and that is quite obvious that most of them do have very specific attention to details and we like those details. The people who come here learn that they have had this condition for the last twenty years, thirty years and they are happy to know that they now have.

Fluoroquinolones and Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy, this is an often devastating condition in which people develop pain and numbness in their hands and feet. Basically they're told on the evening news that they should be taking this or that medication so that they can get through life. That's treating the smoke and ignoring the fire. Those medicines that you're seeing advertised don't treat the neuropathy, they only treat the symptoms. But what's causing peripheral neuropathy Well we know that in America, one of the biggest causes of peripheral neuropathy is being diabetic, which is clearly related to the foods that you eat by and large. Becoming.

A type 2 diabetic dramatically increases your risk for having peripheral neuropathy and in fact being devastated by it. This is a disease that effects 1 in 15 Americans. Let's take a look. So again this is 1 in 15 Americansthis is 20 million Americans afflicted by this disease, that aside from diabetes, we're told the cause is unknown. Well maybe that's not exactly true. Last month, in the journal Neurology, an incredible study was published describing a relationship between what are called fluoroquinolones, and the risk of developing a peripheral neuropathy.

You may not know what fluoroquinolones are, but chances are you may have actually been exposed to fluoroquinolone. These are antibiotics used for treating things like upper respiratory infections and even urinary tract infections. Things like Levaquin and Cipro are commonly used in walk in clinics. If you have a urinary tract infection, you may have received these mediations. Well, here's what the study showed us So this is a study published in September 2014 that looked at men between age 45 to 80 years of age followed for a 10 year period and in this group there were over 6,000 cases.

Of peripheral neuropathy. And they compared these individuals to about 25,000 aged match controls, and what they found was that risk for developing this devastating condition called peripheral neuropathy was doubled in those individuals exposed to this class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. And what the researchers also told us is that, and I quote, Fluoroquinolones have been shown to neurotoxic. Oral fluoroquinolones have also been associated with reported cases of psychosis and seizures, which similar to peripheral neuropathy have been shown to be acute events occurring within days of fluoroquinolone use.

In light of strong evidence of unnecessary prescribing of oral fluoroquinolones in the United States, clinicians must weigh the risk of PN against the benefits of prescribing FQ when prescribing these drugs to their patients. We've got to practice medicine under the dictum of above all do no harm. One of our most well respected peer review journals is now telling us that the use of these medicationsthese fluoroquinolone antibiotics is associated with doubling of the risk of peripheral neuropathy. A disease which often is not treatable. So keep that in mind the next time you think.

Peripheral Neuropathy Numb Feet and Hands Symptoms Resolved .TheVillagesNeuropathy

When you had originally presented to the office, you presented with chronic numbness, tingling, burning, in the hands and the feet. It limited your ability to walk, limited your ability to sleep, your ability to relax. We've completed a course of treatment here with the Davis neuropathy program, how have you done with the treatment and how are you feeling today I feel wonderful. I have to tell you that the treatment, I was on both programs. Before I came in, all that I knew that I had was peripheral neuropathy after your exam, after.

You examined me. We found out that I had also spinal stenosis in my spine. I have followed your program, both of your programs, the DRS program and the peripheral neuropathy program, and I am doing beautifully. I can now walk without assistance which I was having to hold my husband's hand or somebody's hand when I was shopping or doing anything. I could not drive by myself. I feel like a whole person now. Well congratulations on your results and we're very proud to have you here as a patient. What else would you like to have.

carpal tunnel doctors in round rock tx 5127828922 carpal tunnel syndrome double crush

Hey guys doctor Murphy here Round Rock Texas chiropractor just got back into town from our Christmas vacation us playing in snow for about five days really get a relaxing time today I want to talk to you about carpal tunnel syndrome carpal tunnel syndrome is described as a pins and needles your hands seniors does have pain associated with that very uncomfortable some keeps people awake at night was really really up serious problem for people are suffering from now a lot of people had things like carpal tunnel surgery.

The problem with carpal tunnel surgery is that a lot of times carpal tunnel syndrome is misdiagnosed is actually condition called double crush syndrome which means which means that it is not only the nerves trapped in the wrist but also nerves that could be trapped in the neck or shoulder or elbow and you can imagine if you have carpal tunnel surgery on your wrists then the inner might be shot in the arm or shoulder neck that surgery on the wrist is not going to help now the other problem with surgery is that the tunnel the nerves have to go through in the wrist is really small.

When you there sir hang on with surgery then when that heals you will get scar tissue now I'll which is you're taken urs like Nancy more so after the surgery some people will get a little bit early but then it comes back worse because that scar tissue what better way to treat carpal tunnel is through conservative means like chiropractic care chiropractic care very successful in treating carpal tunnel because firstly diagnosis dinner pension arrest me although made shoulder after maybe a combination various there which structurally just structure it pressure of America get some early.

We also use our nerve ReBuilder a program it helps the nerves regenerate repair faster Murray growth is a very slow process well this particular therapy helps speed up the that process we also look at nutritionally because the nurse will grow heal faster the proper restrictions yeah nutrition there and then we also do some soft tissue workwear we also do some massage therapy work on the joints to try to help relieve any kind of muscle issues that might be there as well so someone you know or maybe even your cell.

Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia patients pain might stem from smallfiber polyneuropathy

Fibromyalgia. think it's all in your head. it may be in your skin too Fibromyalgia patients' pain might stem from smallfiber polyneuropathy A report in Helio showed that almost half of patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia tested positive for smallfiber polyneuropathy, a peripheral nerve disease that might cause their chronic widespread pain, according to recent study results. Until now, there has been no good idea about what causes fibromyalgia, but now we have evidence for some but not all patients, researcher Anne Louise Oaklander, MD, PhD, director of the Nerve Injury Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital's neurology department, said in a.

Neurological Illness Is the care adequate

Hi! This is Alanna Wong founder of alannawonglife. Today I want to share with you a few simple strategies that you can use if you are caring for someone with a neurological illness. There are reports of neurological illnesses affecting up to one billion people worldwide. That is about one out of every six people. That means you probably know someone or are related to someone who is suffering from a neurological illness. The three simple strategies that I want to share with you will help improve the quality of life for someone suffering.

With a neurological illness. Number 1 Increase your awareness about the condition. This will help avoid a lot of assumptions. Number 2 Recognize the stigma and discrimination the sufferer is faced with. This will help with acceptance. And number 3 Provide better care and treatment. This will help improve the quality of life for the person suffering with a neurological condition. I have suffered with one of the rarest neurological conditions in the world. If you would like to learn more about my 13 year battle with Kleine Levin Syndrome, click on the link below! Bye!.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Peripheral Neuropathy

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