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Lung Cancer And Peripheral Neuropathy

I am donald abrams the chief medical adviser of the medical cannabis Australia. A major problem in cancer treatment today is the development of painful peripheral nerve damage or neuropathy, im able to cure many patients of cancer who become disabled by peripheral neuropathy we know from animal models that cannabis not only can treat peripheral neuropathy induced by chemotherapy but actually can prevent it. We have three major classes of.

Chemotherapeutic agents that cause neuropathy the vinca alkaloids the platinums and the taxanes and animal studies have demonstrated that cannabinoids can prevent neuropathy in all of those different chemotherapeutic interventions. I think this is an area that we must study. Most of the patients I see in San Francisco with cancer use cannabis either inhaled or as a tincture or some other product while they’re receiving their chemotherapy. I have.

Had patients totally avoid needing anti nausea medicine chemotherapy induces a lot of nausea and vomiting by just using cannabis products. People often say well how much should I use and should it be THC or should it be CBD or a combination again because we are not allowed legally to study the medical benefits of cannabis in the US I don’t really have an answer for that and I tell patient’s try it and see.

But in my experience you know again most of the patients that i see what cancer are using some type of cannabis product and it seems not to interfere with their treatment and in fact improves their quality of life. We at the medical cannabis Australia are providing a purified medical product that has a known percentage of cannabidiol our products are the culmination of latest research in the field and are customized to meet the needs of our individual.

Does Cannabis Oil treat Cancer ENG SUB

Hello and welcome to nature going smart tutorial on cannabis oil. My name is Viola, I am a cannabinoid expert and I am here making this tutorial to tell you: there is cure for cancer. But I dont want to take the credit for this of course, in fact, I am here to show you that you have the power to heal yourself. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had thriving health and clear minds to allow us.

Living life fully and embrace and discover our true self rather than risking to miss it all out because we are suffering chronic illnesses, or unable to do what we enjoy because we are heavily medicated or one of our friends or family member is? Now, if you know me, you know I am a an evidencebased freak, and that all the information I am about to share with you is a summary of decades of internationally recognised scientific facts.

But you see, there is something that i have learned from years on researching and studying cannabinoids: the number of legitimate studies that there are out there on cannabis as an antiprolific and antitumoral agent, will never have any meaning if YOU do not know. Yes, my friend. Chemotherapeutics are a multibillion dollar industry that supports some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, its unlikely these corporations will give up this profit stream without a.

Struggle, no matter how many dead bodies pile up. This is why you are finding out life changing information from a tutorial rather than your oncologist. Or even worse, you will probably be hindered by many health specialists on your path to recovery with cannabis oil. I am not saying this stuff to brag on conspiracy theory, but just to remind you that LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO RISK IT for the trust on a society that built much of its economy around.

Cancer. rick simpson is a canadian patient who became very popular for curing his cancer and that of other 5000 people with concentrated cannabis extract, then called simson oil. He recalls in an interview to High Times being in shock by the reaction of his after reporting how successfully topic application of cannabis oil had completely cleared his skin from cancer cells in just a few days, healing also the cancerous bump that kept reappearing after being surgically.

Removed. simpson reports from their conversation i felt like I was in the Twilight Zone, Id just told them I cured my cancer, and they should have been interested. It was freaky. They were yelling at me they would not discuss this and that no prescription would be given. But Simpson, overjoyed by his discovery, started to make more cannabis extract and distribute it to patients, first those who could use it topically (psioriasis, diabetic.

Ulcers, cancerous bumps), then also to people who had been given only weeks to live, with Stage 4 terminal cancer were brought back to health by internal use of the oil. Rick Dwyer, the manager of the local Royal American Legionbranch was very impressed. His father’s terminal lung cancer and the massive damages caused by chemotherapy were cured in weeks from Rick’s oil after the had sent him home to die.

So was this all fiction? or are their claims real? We try to shed some light on the topic with todays tutorial, a summary of the latest scientific evidences on concentrated cannabis extracts as antitumoral agents. There is a link in the below section that will bring you to more indepth articles, let’s give a look at some significant papers, such as this one a study run from some of the best research centers in Spain, France, Italy,.

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