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Nerve Pain From Stress

Pain in the butt

Hi welcome to Stressed Out Stress Free my name is Vincent Woon. This tutorial is in respond to my YouTube viewer telling me that he has a pain in his left butt mainly from sitting too much in front of the computer. Pain in the left butt, basically what happened is the muscles around your butt tightens up and hit the nerve.so that's why he has pain in the butt. So that's why most people will said it's the sciatic nerve sciatic painsciatica because when all the muscles tightens up it hits the sciatica nerve and the pain will.

Go down from your butt to the knee. So how do we take care of the pain in the butt I'm going to show you a couple of stretches and also massage technique in order to get rid of the pain. Alright! First stretch I'm going to show you is you get a chair and put your leg this way make sure it's straight and what I normally do is bend the other leg. See the other knee, bend down and you'll feel the stretch right here, right there. So hold on there and bend your knee you can actually feel the stretch.

Here. One,two,three and do as many as you can to loosen up the pain. Other stretch you can do is sit on the chair similar but turn sideways, similar but just pull your leg this way towards you and you'll get the same stretch all down here on the butt This way one two make sure you push this down closer towards you and this area here is straight like such. One two three. Ok those are the two stretch and if it still doesn't work! First thing you need to do then is to loosen up the area here. To loosen up.

The area what I normally do is I lift my leg up.turn this way like such. Front view turn to the left exaggerate a little bit, lift up higher turn to the left then lift up turn to the right. That way it creates movement and loosens up the whole area there. And if still aches, use your finger pad put pressure right onto the pain area and turn left, goto the next area right left right. Put a little pressure press into it left right in and out. These are the three technique that I would do and I recommend my client to do it. So.

KT Tape Pain on Top of Foot

This application is for dorsal, or top of the foot pain. This may be from several causes though here is a technique you can try. Positioning for this technique is actually placing the foot in full plantar flexion I am just going to use a towel, rolled up to allow that full motion of the toes pointing down. What I am going to have you do is tear off an Istrip, and tearing off the end of the tape down by the logo to form an anchor take that paper backing off without touching the adhesive on the tape if you can.

And place that as close to the toes as you can. Again, this is with the foot in full plantar flexion or pointing position and from here what you are going to do is take the paper backing off the tape going over the top of the foot laying that down with no stretch. So neither the anchor, or the middle, or the end of the tape has stretch on it, your foot is actually on stretch. Rubbing that tape on just to create a little friction, a little heat, causing that tape to adhere.

From here we can take the foot out of this position. bring that foot up if you have some wrinkling on the top of the foot of the tape that is actually what we are looking for. Let's tear a second Istrip off of this roll, and from here what we are going to do is we are going to tear the paper in the middle. So once the paper is torn in the middle by stretching the tape you are going to evenly put tension on the tape. So using your thumb or forefingers to do that versus pinching.

The tape and pulling it we want nice even pressure. Place that fullstretch tape across the top of the foot full stretch and go ahead and lay that down ease off the tension once you are to the side of the foot. From here you are going to lay that tape down on the bottom of the foot no tension on these tails, so again just taking the paper off go ahead and rub that on with some paper backing create a little heat, a little friction that's to cause that tape to adhere better to the skin.

KT Tape Heel

Music Hi I'm Chris Harper and with me is Makayla And we are here to demonstrate and application for heel pain. This can be pain at the heel or very low back of the ankle. Some causes of this may be overuse, repetitive impact activities, poorly fitting or worn shoes, or ankle and calf tightness. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing the associated muscles approximating tissue to form an addition natural pad. For this application, we are going to place the ankle in dorsiflexion or in other words, bring those toes toward the ankle as much as possible. And we're going to tear off our.

First piece, one full strip. We're going to twist and tear the backing paper right down the middle and peeling that back being careful not to touch the adhesive, just handle the paper of the tape. We're going to place this just under the heel with about eightypercent stretch so if you stretch it all the way and then back off just a little bit. That's about right. We're going to angle this tape as we apply it with that stretch so it end up just behind the ankle bones. We're going to remove that last little bit of tape.

From the ankle bones on up with absolutely zero stretch, we're going to do this exact same thing on the opposite side of the foot, the outside part of the foot. We're going to give that a quick rub just to create to make sure that it is adhering well that helps heat up the adhesive. We're going to take our next full strip we're going to twist and tear the backing paper again, right in the middle of the tape. Peel that back, being careful not to touch the adhesive.

We're going to place this behind the heel again with eightypercent stretch. We're going to lay that down, and as we come towards the midfood, we're going to easy off that tension applying that last bit of paper with absolutely zero stretch. Same thing on the opposite side Just on the outside pare to of the foot, laying that down with absolutely zero stretch. Ok, and for our last piece we're going to take another full strip And this time we are going to twist and tear down towards the logo end of the tape.

To create an anchor, this is going to be applied just ahead of the other pieces on the mid foot, the sole of the foot. Give that a good rub, we're going to remove the paper backing leaving a little bit on the handles, don't touch the adhesive. This time we are going to apply this with about fifty percent stretch, so back that about half way off. We're going to apply this right under the heel and along that achilles tendon rubbing that down, then again the last little bit of tape or just going to apply that.

With absolutely zero stretch Tap that arch down, and give the whole thing a good friction rub. Excellent! Again that friction creates heat and that allows the adhesive to really stick to the skin. Ok now rub the whole thing very well. Okay, some tips before apply this is to make sure you clean the skin very well. Remove any skin oils, or lotions. You can wear socks to sleep so the tape doesn't get rolled up on the sheets. Some complementary treatments may include light massaging, stretching, ice, rest, and.

KT Tape Heel Pain

This application is for general heel pain which may be caused by heel spurs, severs, or many other conditions this is how we can tape for it the first piece in this application is going to be an Istrip and on that Istrip I am going to to tear the paper in the middle peeling that paper back taking care not touch the adhesive on the tape and when applying stretch to this piece I'm going to up apply nice even pressure not to pinch the tape in the middle and so I'm flattening my thumbs out on the tape as I stretch.

Okay and with these conditions the pain may vary, it could be a underneath the heel or to either side of the heel either way the application is the same I'm going to apply full stretch to the middle portion of the tape as I put that underneath the heel and up the back of the leg I'm going to lay those up pieces down with stretch on them I'm taking care not to cross in front of the ankle bone on either side here and the last bit of this.

Tape I'm going to just take the paper off and apply that down with no stretch of the tape, that's very important again applying the tape down with no stretch for the second piece in this application I'm going to tear another Istrip, again tearing that paper in the middle and much as I did in the first piece I'm applying nice even pressure this is going on the back of the heel with full stretch on the middle portion of the tape applying that down and leaving plenty of tape for anchor.

From here I'm going to pinch that tape off and as I peel that paper off I'm going to lay that down with no stretch same thing on this side paper off laying that down no stretch on that tape and to finish it off I am going to use a piece of the paper creating some friction, to create a little heat causing that glue to adhere to the skin very well this is important on all applications, though especially around the foot and ankle which move quite a bit.

48 Nerve Damage Morphine Addiction Gone Faster EFT

The most amazing thing I've ever had happen in my life and really we all have amazing things but the this is a situation that I have been dealing with, and dealing with it very terrible pain that occurred from a happening in my life where, what was it Sherrie 1998 They damaged that major nerve. 1998 I end up going in for a angiogram, after being treated by physician for in ear infection and I went in a hospital in Orlando. If you guys are ever in Orlando and you need to go to hospital, that's a topflight.

Place. We were very blessed that they come up with what they call a crises radiologist, but they discovered that I had a a blood clot in my right vertebral artery and they had to go back up my groin and bust the blood clot, then they went back up it again in put in a stent, due to the condition of the right vertebral artery. The left one was gone and it's just something that happens to people. but anyway I was just sitting there and, just feeling this awful knot in my groin and.

Since this happened. they have, invaded my brain like 12 or 13 times, so if I say something crazy, or I'm doing something crazy you understand, It is a situation from having your brain invaded and it has made a big difference by Robert very capably set me down and we went through the tapping method. and. hey folks I'm not I'm not lying to you, Robert quit and he says How's the pain and it's gone! And this is after four or five years. I was treated oneyear, a couple years ago, for.

I was on morphine and spent a month in the hospital trying to get off of it. And now my groin, the pain has gone the burning has gone and I haven't smoked a cigarette since last Tuesday afternoon about 2 o'clock! I've never been happier in my life and I feel like, thanks to our friend here, he was very capable, I was very much at ease with him and I feel very fortunate, very blessed to have crossed paths with with Robert. Thank you. I've watched Paul and his suffering and we almost lost him a couple years ago.

Because the morphine that they were giving him had shut down his system his colon and he was severely obstructed and then they put him on this patch that is, I guess, very addictive and the VA Veterans Administration doctors are just he got special permission to to use the patch, because they said once this nerve is damaged it cannot be repaired, it will not heal itself. And yet he's pain free now! He's suffered from a terrific amount of burning and it's just been a miracle, an absolute miracle.

Isthmic Spondylolisthesis Tutorial Stress Fracture of the Back Vertebra Spine Surgeon Colorado

So now we're going to talk about an isthmic spondylolisthesis it's a mouthful but it really is easy to understand it is a fracture of the back of the vertebra or the door stop as i call it of the vertebra when the child is anywhere between the ages of eight and fifteen it occurs sometimes on a football field it might occur in a volleyball tournament anytime there's a lot of bending backward or form of motion to the spine called extension with extension what happens here is a fracture.

Of the pars interarticularis and again its a lot of words but what it means is that this area of the vertebra is fractured off i call this piece the door stop because it takes the vertebra above and hooks it into the vertebra below the door stop itself prevents the vertebra from sliding forward so if you have a fracture of the doorstop the vertebra can then actually start to slip forward the area of the vertebra that is fractured is this piece right here again simplistically calling it the door stop.

But this piece fractures off and this is the piece in the back of the vertebra that hooks into the one below this is what a normal vertebra looks like and this is what the fracture looks like and you can see that this piece is loose where this piece is still solidly fixed and this is the piece being loose that will allow the vertebra to slide forward this is what the slip looks like with the fracture you can see the fracture points here and here and you can see that.

Stressed Pain In The Neck

Hi welcome to StressedOutStressFree. My name is Vincent Woon. In this tutorial we are going to talk about neck pain, waking up having neck pain This an answer to a question from my Facebook friend, waking up having pain on the neck. How do you get a neck pain from waking up How The number one reason is the way you sleep probably sleep off the pillow or the second reason will be probably stress and the third will be you are not feeling well. I think her reason was because she's getting.

Married soon so she's probably under a little stress. Today we are going to focus mainly on how to release the pain on the neck. In another tutorial series I'm going to show you how you should put your pillow, to be able to sleep well and to wake up without pain. Now I'm going to show you how to stretch or loosen up the pain in the neck. First stretch is Let's say the pain is on the left take your hand push your head to the opposite side, drop your shoulder and.

Relax. Put your hand further down the ear to get a better stretch and push your chin to finish up the stretch. If you have pain on the right side. Drop your shoulder pull your head to the opposite side and if you need a better stretch go down a little further and pull. Push it to the opposite and push to finish up. The next stretch is to loosen up this area here, right here! Put your hand like this and turn forward and backwards. Try to exaggerate more push all the way, make sure your hands and whole shoulder is moving up down up down.

And forward up down up down. Do the same thing if your pain is on the right side. If you Still have pain, use your finger pad. Put light pressure, press into it. Move your neck, stretch your neck and move your hands too you will add movement into it and will help loosen up much faster. Like I always say when we put pressure and movement into the area it brings circulation. It brings blood to the area, when there's blood in the area there's no pain because blood creates oxygen and when there's oxygen.

Starlito NERVE DAMAGE Post Traumatic Stress Mixtape Prod By Mike Will Made It Starlito 2012

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Pain In The Butt

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