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Neurogenic Bladder And Botox

Botox Therapy for Overactive bladder. Approved by US, FDA in cases of neurogenic bladder. Cystoscopy Technique of Mixing Botox is very important.100 unit is diluted in 6ml normal saline. Mixing is done by slowly injecting the saline as the sulphur bonds in botulium toxin are very fragile. The stock solution of 6ml is now aspirated in 3 syringes (2ml each). Each 2ml is further diluted to make 6ml solution in each syringe. Approximately distance in injections is 1cm. Now injecting botox. Thank You.

Botox for the Bladder Patient Story with Timothy Hlavinka Urology San Antonio

BRENDA: The symptoms I was feeling were pressure in my upper right abdomen and also the feeling of urgency andneeding to go all the time, and if I waited too long, I would leak. And so I was emptying my bladder aboutevery hour to hourandahalf so it becamepretty bothersome in my daytoday life. DR HLAVINKA: Brenda is probably one of the most difficult of my patients in my career to treat. We have gone toextraordinary lengths to make her better.

She has gone to extraordinary lengths toget herself better and has been willing to do even the very stateoftheart treatment of Botox.She developed leakage in pain due to increased bladderpressures for which there are no treatments, andBrenda came to me at the end of her rope. We discuss theoptions and nothing was working, and we decided to use Botox for her bladder because we knew that that had anexcellent chance of results. Urinary leakage

is the product is either a week controlmuscle or an overactive bladder. So a patient canhave any imbalance of those two structures inthe body and develop leakage. When the leakage is due to an overactivebladder, Botox is used when other treatments have failed: traditional medications Kegal exercises, pelvic floor therapy, diet and lifestyle alterations. When allof those fail, then a patient is a candidate for Botox injection.A small flexible scope,

about 5 millimeters (25thsofaninch indiameter) is inserted in your urethra, your urine channel, using a very very tiny, tiny needle injectapproximately 10 to 20 sites in the bladder wall. The procedure itself, where your on the tablegetting an injection, lasts about five minutes. Botox willwear off. The average duration a benefit forpatients with overactive bladder is approximately six months.

BRENDA: This absolutely changed my life. (I) don’t think I could ever see another urologist. Nobody could compared to him. I’m backto normal. I have been out hiking, ziplining been on vacation so I’m enjoying life.

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