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Neurogenic Bladder From Spinal Cord Injury

Neural control of urination micturitionreflex. When the bladder is full, stretch receptorsin the wall of the bladder send nerve impulses to the sacral region of the spinal cord. Byway of a parasympathetic response, signals return to the bladder and stimulate contractionof the muscle of the bladder and relaxation of the internal urethral sphincter. This partof the reflex is involuntary and is predominant in infants and young children.As the central nervous system matures, it acquires voluntary control over the externalurethral sphincter. Urination is controlled mainly by the micturition center in the pons.This center receives sensory signals from

the bladder and communicates with the cortexabout the appropriateness of urinating at the moment. At times when it’s not convenientto urinate, the center sends back an inhibitory signal to keep the sphincters closed and preventvoiding. When you wish to urinate, this inhibition is removed; the spinal cord instructs themuscle of the bladder to contract and the sphincters to open to let the urine out.

SCITutorialBlog Quadriplegic Girl Standing Car Transfer

I am a C6 incomplete spinal cord injury And I am going to demonstrate how I put my chair in my car For SCITutorialBlog Because I have the ability to be able to stand up and walk It is a lot more convenient for me to throw my chair in back to my car As you can see I have a crossover it’s very convenient And here it is Check if my breaks are on

And I will walk around the car I’ll put the hatch down Ready to go Check out other car transfers at SCITutorialBlog .

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