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Neurogenic Bladder In Spina Bifida

Alternative Bladder Control Options SpinaBifida

Hey everyone, welcome to SpinaBifida. A lot of you have been asking about bladder options. And I’ve made a few tutorials in the past talking about bladders. And the things you can do like wearing pads and scheduling yourself. For when you can go to the restrooms and catheters. Things like that. These are sort of the mainstream ways to manage your bladder.

I wanted to tell you about two alternatives that you could potentially use. The first one is Botox. I have never used Botox as a way to manage my bladder problems. A lot of my subscribers have mentioned it to me. And I researched it.

I still don’t think it’s for me personally because I just really don’t like needles. But I thought it was a very cool option. So what it is, you go to your and they can do it there at their office or they can do it in the . They put you on general anesthesia.

Kind of the anesthesia that you would get at the dentist. And they will insert botox to your bladder. What that does is it relaxes your bladder to not overactive and it, it really just helps with controlling it and emptying your bladder on time.

They do keep you for like an hour to make sure you don’t have any reactions to the botox. And then you just keep going in, um, whenever the designated time is. To get another injection. Basically just kind of stops you from constantly going to the bathroom. The procedure doesn’t take that long and I thought it was just a really cool option if you were interested in doing that.

I’m not sure insurance wise how that would be covered. I thought it was pretty neat. I know people do botox, aside from like your face uh people will do botox for their armpits to stop them from sweating so much. I might one day try it if I have the courage. But.

It’s just something right now that I don’t see for me. Pretty much everyone can get it because everyone has a bladder. Now the second alternative bladder control that I know of and I have used. Is for people who have female anatomy. It is the Poise Impressa Bladder Support.

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