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Neurogenic Bladder Medications

Micturition Reflex Neural Control of Urination Animation Tutorial.

Neural control of urination micturition reflex. When the bladder is full, stretch receptors in the wall of the bladder send nerve impulses to the sacral region of the spinal cord. By way of a parasympathetic response, signals return to the bladder and stimulate contraction of the muscle of the bladder and relaxation of the internal urethral sphincter. This part of the reflex is involuntary and is predominant in infants and young children. As the central nervous system matures, it acquires voluntary control over the external urethral sphincter. Urination is controlled.

Ketul Shah, MD, Pelvic Medicine and Reconstruction at Ohio State

Hello my name is Ketul Shah. I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Urology at The Ohio State University and Wexner Medical Center. My areas of interest are female and male pelvic reconstruction and urodynamics. I have recently completed a fellowship training in female and male pelvic reconstruction and urodynamics at the University of Colorado Denver. My fellowship training was unique since I had opportunity to train in both male and female pelvic reconstruction. My primary area of focus is going to be female urology where I'll be taking care of patients who present with urinary incontinence, pelvic.

Organ prolapse, overactive bladder and interstitial cystitis. In terms of male pelvic reconstruction I really enjoy doing delicate reconstruction on male urethra, urethral stricture disease and trauma. The other area, which has fascinated me in in the recent time, is the use of prosthetic surgery for artificial urinary sphincter and penile prosthesis. I also take care of patients who present with neurogenic bladder due to spinal cord injury or trauma and other neurologic conditions like multiple sclerosis. We perform urodynamic studies in order to characterize the voiding dysfunction and come up with a treatment plan, which is individualized for.

That patient. In the recent time we have seen a number of patients who present with vaginal mesh complications. These patients are really suffering due to pain and voiding dysfunction. I had opportunity to participate in care of multiple such patients and we performed clinical research on these cases. In fact we came up with a new management protocol, which we have published in peerreviewed journals as well as presented in national and international meetings. I perform different procedures for stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. I also perform procedures like robotic assisted surgery for pelvic organ prolapse,.

Newer therapies for overactive bladder like InterStim therapy, Botox, etc. As a physician, the patient can expect kind and compassionate care from me and my team. We do understand that a large number of patients are suffering for a long period of time. These patients have already received treatment from other physicians and undergone procedures. The most important thing for us would be to spend time with the patient, try and understand their problem and come up with a solution, which is unique for his or her condition and help the patient in the best way we can. In.

Dr. Kryger desribes Urology Program at Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin

Hi, I'm Dr. John Kryger. I'm the Medical Director of Pediatric Urology at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and the chief of the division of Pediatric Urology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. We're caring for a lot of children who have conditions that affect their kidneys and bladder and genitalia that leave them incontinent or with recurrent infections. Identifying urologic conditions before birth is probably one of the best advances in the field of pediatric urology. I think it really offers us opportunities to get involved with the family and the patient well before any harm is done to the child.

And we're advocates for these families early in life, ensuring that all their care is coordinated right from the start. Bladder exstrophy is one of the complex conditions that we treat at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. It requires a very expert team of physicians and nurse practitioners that collaborate in the care of these children. Robotic surgery allows us to do the least invasive surgery by being able to operate in somebody's abdomen without having to make an incision. It's most rewarding when you get to make that impact in a child's life because.

InterStim for Bladder Problems Patient Story w Dr Timothy Hlavinka, Urology San Antonio

DR HLAVINKA The symptoms that a patient would experience that would make them a candidate for the InterStim device are urinary leakage that is refractory to the traditional treatments of medications, diet alteration. When these treatments don't work, then the patient can be a candidate for the InterStim device BLANCA My initial problem was having to constantly go to the bathroom having a sense of urgency. Someone recommended doctor, and he recommended the InterStim procedure, and I had it done several years ago, and it worked very well. About a year ago, the battery died.

DR HLAVINKA When Blanca came to me, like most my patients who have a preexisting implant, I reevaluate them because the existing implant may not be the optimal one for her. So we almost have to start all over with the testing situation. In Blanca's case, we knew that she was going to get another implant because she had already had a successful implant. What we didn't know was whether or not the single wire that she had from her previous surgery would be adequate and we can simply replace the battery or she needed an.

Additional wire and an additional battery, so she simply had to be retested. BLANCA Dr. Hlavinka recommended that I replace the battery and try a new system, a new device that was rechargable. And so that's what we did. We replaced it. We started to do the initial testing in November and then the battery was replaced in December. DR HLAVINKA Blanca got her battery replaced. In being such a young woman, we wanted to give her a very long battery life. Since her first implant, there has been the development of the rechargeable.

Battery, which gives young patients many many years symptomfree problems by simply recharging the battery once or twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes by an external device. So I wanted to give her that option. She indeed chose that option. After about six weeks, she adapted, and she has had good results now. BLANCA Today good. I have really no, no problem better with it. Dr. Hlavinka is very attentive and takes the time him listen to what's happening to you. It's nice to have a doctor like that.

John Stoffel, MD Tutorial Profile

Gtgt When people are looking for an urologist, I think the thing to keep in mind is that there are lots of different answers to the questions that they're asking. And rarely there's a single best answer. And so I think the most important thing is to have a good relationship with your physician or your care provider. The most important thing is communication. You need to be able to feel like your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed. I always tell people that there may not be a single best answer for a condition.

But the best treatment is the one that makes sense to you. The one that you feel comfortable and the one that you're going to be able to understand and follow. I think what people would find interesting about our clinics is that we see everything. We see things from the most common problems to the most complicated and we have the interests and the ability to address all of them or to meet everybody's needs. I think that there's no problem that's either too big or too small. And you know, we welcome referrals.

Botox for the Bladder Patient Story with Dr Timothy Hlavinka, Urology San Antonio

BRENDA The symptoms I was feeling were pressure in my upper right abdomen and also the feeling of urgency and needing to go all the time, and if I waited too long, I would leak. And so I was emptying my bladder about every hour to hourandahalf so it became pretty bothersome in my daytoday life. DR HLAVINKA Brenda is probably one of the most difficult of my patients in my career to treat. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to make her better. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to get herself better.

And has been willing to do even the very stateoftheart treatment of Botox. She developed leakage in pain due to increased bladder pressures for which there are no treatments, and Brenda came to me at the end of her rope. We discuss the options and nothing was working, and we decided to use Botox for her bladder because we knew that that had an excellent chance of results. Urinary leakage is the product is either a week control muscle or an overactive bladder. So a patient can have any imbalance of those two structures in the body and develop leakage.

When the leakage is due to an overactive bladder, Botox is used when other treatments have failed traditional medications Kegal exercises, pelvic floor therapy, diet and lifestyle alterations. When all of those fail, then a patient is a candidate for Botox injection. A small flexible scope, about 5 millimeters 25thsofaninch in diameter is inserted in your urethra, your urine channel, using a very very tiny, tiny needle inject approximately 10 to 20 sites in the bladder wall. The procedure itself, where your on the table getting an injection, lasts about five minutes. Botox will wear off.

SCITutorialBlog Clothing Management For Self Cath

I'm a C5 quadriplegic I'll be demonstrating how I manage my clothes for self cathing This is for SCITutorialBlog So first I'm going to make sure my wheelchair is off and my seat belt stays on What I do is I'll scoot forward in my chair so I have more room to work Next, I use a bungee cord to hold down my pants My hands have enough tone in them That they can hold and hook So I'll put it down in between my legs and make sure there's nice tension.

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Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction Medical Condition

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