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Neurogenic Bladder Pictures

Having a VCUG

Gtgt Jamie Daley Hi. My name is Jamie Daley. I work at the University of Michigan Motts Children's Hospital. We wrote this book for you so you know what to expect when you are having a test called a VCUG. Your doctor wants you to have a test called VCUG. The test uses a special camera to take pictures called xrays of your bladder and kidneys, the parts of your body that make and hold pee. On the day of the test you will come to the hospital with your mom, dad, or another adult.

You will go to the radiology department and sign in. When it's your turn, the technologist who takes the pictures will call your name. He or she will give you a gown and show you to the changing room. Take all your clothes off, even your underwear. The ties to the gown go in the back. The technologist will ask when's your birthday The technologist will show you into the xray room, where the pictures will be taken. Only one adult can come with you. Who will you pick In the xray room, there will be a big table to lie down on.

Babies lie on a movable space table with Velcro to keep them snug and safe. The technologist will take your picture with the xray camera on the ceiling. You will be able to see the xray pictures on a TV screen. Be sure to smile. The technologist will wash your private area with special brown soap, and put a tiny tube in where your pee comes out. A piece of tape on your leg will keep it from falling out. Your job during this time is to hold very still. The doctor will come in and move the table camera in place to begin the test.

The camera comes close, but it will not touch you. Your parents can stand at the head of the table and hold your hands. Everyone but you has to wear a heavy protective apron, because only your picture is being taken. If you look to the right, you will see a TV screen. You can watch your bladder fill up with the special water that looks dark on the TV screen. When your bladder is full, the doctor will ask you to roll a little to the left, and then to the right, to see the front and back of the kidneys and bladder.

Your doctor will ask you to pee in a special towel or container, and take pictures while you pee. Peeing is the most important part of the test. Don't worry, the tube is so tiny it won't be in the way. The trick is to relax and think of water flowing. Keep peeing until you are completely empty. When you have finished peeing, the test is done. Often the little tube in your bladder has already come out while you were peeing. The technologist will remove the tape from your leg.

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