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Neurogenic Bladder Suprapubic Catheter

SCITutorialBlog Quadriplegic Using Catheter

Hi. I'm a C5,C6 quadriplegic And today I'm going to demonstrate how I open my catheter and how I self cath For SCITutorialBlog I use a SpeediCath and it looks like this Because there's a little bit of twist to open here so I use a Dycem gripper I put the Dycem gripper on the bottom part of it and use my mouth to open it That helps me to twist it open Once it's twisted I wouldn't need the Dycem gripper so I put it here Then I can throw this in the trash.

It comes with a bag so if I were to open the bag it has velcro on it Even though I have limited dexterity I'm able to open this There's a lot of teeth involved but it's the life of a quad Once I get the bag open I have to do this and twist it open I do not like to touch the tube with my hand For the bacterias not to go inside me So I would just take it out like this And once the catheter is out I just insert it.

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Setting Suprapubic Catheter

Setting Suprapubic Catheter,suprapubic insertion male bladder..

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Suprapubic Catheterizationshowallshowall

Suprapubic Catheterizationshowallshowall,.

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