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Neuropathy And Balance Problems

Low Back Pain Neuropathy Numbness Burning Balance Problems Falling Leonard Testimonial

Currie: Today is October 2nd, 2013, here at Arkansas Spinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment Center. This is Leonard. This is his last day of care here, and Leonard, what would you say to someone who told you that there was no cure for neuropathy, or that you couldn’t be helped for neuropathy? Leonard: I would tell them they need to look up Currie in Conway. Currie: Tell me how bad your numbness was before you came here and how it is now. Leonard: Well, I was at the point where I couldn’t even walk. My legs wouldn’t move and my arms were numb. I came here and eight weeks later I’m back to normal.

Currie: Awesome, man, awesome. Did that meet your expectations? What did you really expect when you came here? Leonard: I learned a lot from your television show, because I wasn’t hurting, I wasn’t in pain; it was just numbness. It just kept getting worse. I kept falling, and I’d just roll and get back up. I mean, the morning before I came up here I fell off my back porch. It was that bad, not feeling where you’re stepping, and I wasn’t in pain; I was numb and you convinced me that that was like pain, that the numbness is.I lost it. Currie: It’s all right, man. It’s okay. It’s not a problem. We can just keep on going.

Don’t sweat it. You want me to stop the camera for a minute? Leonard: No, I need you to. Currie: Kind of help you out a little bit? Leonard: Yeah. Currie: Not a problem. I can cut and paste this; it’s not a problem. We’ll just keep rolling. So, you fell off your back porch the morning before you came here because the numbness was so bad, and so I guess that was kind of like the low point of it all to make you decide that something had to be done. What were you thinking when you came in here.

As a new patient? Leonard: Well, you explained it well on your show in the interview I saw of it. It was neat and it was no handson. You’ve heard horror stories of chiropractors popping you and aligning you, and you just had a new wave of technology that is just amazing the precise procedure of the 9,000, the oxygen, the water, the people. Currie: Yeah, you’ve seen other patients here, too. That’s something that I always like to ask people because yeah, it worked for you, but there are a lot of other people here around you that were coming through. What results did you see them get for the.

Most part? Maybe all of them weren’t getting better but hopefully most of them were. What did you see? Leonard: There was a lot older people than me that were in here and they were in pain which, like I said, I wasn’t in pain. I was just numb, but they seemed to have no pain once they left. Currie: All right. That’s huge, man. That’s huge. I really appreciate your testimony. I think a lot of people are going to see it, and people don’t have to be 60, 70, 80 years old to have this kind of problem; younger people can have it, too, and I think that.

It’s hard. Leonard: You make chiropractic inaudible 00:03:52. I mean old style is old style, but I went in high school 38 years ago I went to a chiropractor and didn’t get the results I got today.I mean, after eight weeks. Currie: Man, I appreciate it. Well, you did great here and it’s been fun having you as a patient and I appreciate you.

Low Back Pain Neuropathy Balance Problems Richard Testimonial

Currie: Today is October 16th, 2013, and this is Mr. Richard. Richard, as far as your pain and everything, what brought you to Arkansas Spinal Care? Richard: Pain brought me to Arkansas Spinal Care. Currie: Where? Richard: In my hips. Currie: In your hips? Richard: Yes, in my hips. Currie: Go ahead, tell me about it.

Richard: I went to three s, and they kept telling me it was inflammation. I never got any relief from paying the bills. I went to get the steroid shots, and it lasted for about six weeks on one occasion. I had to go back, and I went back and told my that I didn’t want to come back and take shots every, three, four, or six weeks. I wanted it fixed, so he fixed me. He gave me a in Little Rock, so I went there. They were planning on doing surgery on the first of September or October. A friend of mine, that went to the here, told me that I should come by and check with Currie. She said that once you get operated.

On the back, you can’t replace nothing, and I should take a look at this. So I came here, I talked with Currie, and I signed on. I liked the results that I was getting, and this is the first time, in a long time, that I’ve been able to brush my teeth without having to sit down. The pain was so severe, if I started brushing my teeth, I would have to sit down. Now I can brush my teeth. I can start preforming things that I once did like, pitching horse shoes, walking, not a great distance, but I don’t have the pain that I once did. Plus I like the way that Currie works with his patients. He don’t run them through.

Like a cattle drive at a cattle barn. You know, he takes time, spends time with you. Most s now they just give you a prescription and take off. He spends time with each one of his patients, and that means something. Currie: Thank you very much. So I mean, you’re not a zero on the pain scale, we wouldn’t call it that. But if you came in here and it was really bad and you were looking at having surgery, right now where would you rate it? Richard: Right now, I’m say about a three up to somewhere around that line. Currie: So that’s pretty doggone good, compared.

Richard: That’s damn good! Currie: Do you think you avoided back surgery with this procedure? Richard: I think, I’m pretty sure I did, because I was at the point where I was going to have surgery. I had signed up to go down, and after I came here. The lady told me that she had been in pain so many years, and she said that she got results. I know this lady and I know she didn’t lie to me. So that was a good suggestion. Currie: I really appreciate your testimony. Richard: It’s the truth though.

Currie: Thank you. What would you tell somebody who needed this care, if you were going to tell someone to come here? Richard: I would definitely recommend that they come to Currie before they went under the knife. Currie: Thank you, Richard. Richard: You’re welcome, sir.

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