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Neuropathy Brain Lesions

Somatosensory tracts Organ Systems MCAT Khan Academy

Voiceover: In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about the somatosensory tracts. Somatosensory, which are the senses of the body, and tracts, which are collections of axons travelling together through the central nervous system. The different types of somatosensory information tend to travel in different pathways, as they move through the central nervous system.

In general, the different types of somatosensation break down into two big categories. The first includes position sense, vibration sense, and fine touch sense, or very precise touch sense information. The other big grouping of types of somatosensory information.

That tend to travel together includes the sense of pain, pain sense, temperature sense, and what we can call gross touch sense, or less precise touch sense information. Recall that somatosensory information from most of the body is going to travel back to the central nervous system.

Through nerves in the peripheral nervous system, and then spinal nerves that’ll enter the spinal cord. For example, in this category, let’s say we have a receptor that carries some position sense information. Let me just draw an R here in the arm, for receptor for position sense. That information is going to travel in nerves.

Of the peripheral nervous system and then spinal nerves to enter the spinal cord and deliver that information into the spinal cord. The same thing with this other big category of types of somatosensation. Let’s say we had some sort of receptor here down in the leg, I’ll just write an R for receptor that can detect noxious stimuli,.

That can cause the experience of pain. Then that information can travel through nerves of the peripheral nervous system and then spinal nerves to enter the spinal cord and deliver that information into the central nervous system. The same is true for somatosensory information from the face and other parts of the head,.

But that information will enter usually the brain stem through cranial nerves, instead of entering the spinal cord through spinal nerves. For instance if we have a receptor that can detect vibration somewhere here on the face, that information can travel through a cranial nerve into the brain stem.

Neuropathy General Health MMS Testimony

Alright I am here with Scott in Portland Oregon at our seminar and Scott has been to a few seminars, he is like a groupie and I don’t know what he is looking for maybe women, maybe this guy needs a wife but he is going to tell us how MMS has benefited him lately I just moved to Oregon from North Carolina about 2 months ago and the people I am staying with, one of the ladies, she had real bad neuropathy in the legs and in her feet, she is about 60 years old I think she said it has just been that way her whole life. She can’t walk very far.

On her feet, her feet get real tired. Like she gets in bed at night and puts them under the covers they get like super hot. So on and on she said she has done everything bla bla bla I said quot;well you know of course I have MMS so try itquot; But also I should tell you, I take that stuff with me everywhere You know I have been using it for, well when I was there 3 years ago I literally take it everywhere and people say quot;oh you use MMS for everythingquot; That’s because it works for everything. I am just at the point.

I don’t even explain it anymore. You make it a part of your life Yeah and it just works so I use it. But what happened to the girl? Yeah, that is what I am getting too. Well, she very much, she took it. She got on the 3 week Protocol and her feet are fine. I use, MMS is 1 of 4 things I use in my work I work privately with people do that, you know health and wellness.

Whatever and but no it is the first thing I put people on and that pretty much in itself dealt with the neuropathy. no more burning she can walk better you know so yeah. Sure, and he is using, when he talks about using other things for building up the immune system and we are doing that as the church too different foods we even talk to him about different things and it’s pretty interesting these new foods that are coming out that are so good so natural, so good to build up the immune system. Well Scott.

We have to get some more testimonies but we appreciate you coming around. So are you going to go to the next one now? No. The next one is in Thailand The treatment I am getting here? No. But he loves Oregon. Colombia definitely. Yeah Colombia.

I’m excited about colombia. Next year in Colombia, you know how the jews say quot;next year in Jerusalemquot; next year in Colombia. Alright buddy thanks.

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