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Neuropathy Care In San Antonio

Whats the difference between and MD and a DO Dr Michael White, Urology San Antonio

HOST Steven has a question for Dr. Michael White What is the difference between and MD and a DO DO stands for a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine So it is simply a different philosophy in how you treat a patient. It's a belief that the body has an inherent property of being able to, in a way, heal itself in that if we restore the body to its original state that people can heal quicker. What's that the practical difference between the two. I think that the DOs are a little bit more willing to talk to people, they're little bit more willing.

Patient with restless legs at night, leg heaviness also with numbness and tingling of legs

Initially my legs felt very heavy and when I would go to sleep at night I would wake up in the middle of the night with a lot of tingling, lot of numbness. I would actually have to get out of bed, drag my legs out of bed to actually get the circulation flowing again to the point where it was becoming very difficult to sleep at night and since I travel a lot it's very important I don't have the numbness And I came to you, thank goodness explaining my.

Tingling and toe numbing and stuff thanks again righthanders high school well well how's the treatment the treatment was a little difficult at first because I have unusual veins but you were very patient, thank goodness and right now seems the treatment is working very well I no longer have the tingling I no longer have the waking up with numb legs Don't have to get up in the middle of the night and so far my legs feel very very good and They don't hurt, they're not heavy, they feel very good.

TDI Diabetes Education Footcare

It is very important for people with diabetes to check their feet everyday for cuts, bruises and tender areas. I'm Carol Weber, a diabetes nurse educator at the Texas Diabetes Institute in San Antonio, Texas. Attend our diabetes education classes and learn how to take care of your feet. Important everyday tips include never go barefoot, wear soft and seamless socks all the time and wear shoes that cover the whole foot and fit your foot leaving plenty of room for your toes. For more education about our diabetes education classes call 2103587100.

Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Dr John Coppola San Antonio Neuropathy Center

Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Dr John Coppola San Antonio Neuropathy Center,Dr John Coppola of the San Antonio Neuropathy Center discusses a breakthrough treatment for peripheral neuropathy that has an over 90 patient satisfaction..

San Antonio Peripheral Neuropathy Chiropractor - Dr. James Franklin..

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Arizona Neuropathy Treatment Procedure | Dr. Carl E Ferguson, DO.Neuropathy Treatment Procedure McKellips Family Medical Clinic Dr. Carl E Ferguson, DO 3049 E. Mckellips Rd 5 Mesa, AZ 85213 4808301553..

Ron Hendrix PN.NEUROPATHY of Legs Feet is debilitating for so many folks. Help is now available in San Antonio, Tx at Neuropathy San Antonio located at 8812 Tradeway..

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment.This is Don. Don was not a true believer in our treatment. So he did 2 weeks of care then quit doing it. Even though he could feel his feet getting better and they..

Sally LOVES Her Legs Feet Neuropathy Care!!!

Sally LOVES Her Legs Feet Neuropathy Care!!!,.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment &Care At Sunrise Chiropractic Tucson Arizona.Peripheral Neuropathy a nationwide and in Tucson Arizona epidemic, that people are told they have to just live with it. We at Sunrise Chiropractic want to let..

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Decreased 30% In 3 Days Without Meds.Type 1 Diabetic female patient experiences relief from severe neuropathy pain in her hands and feet. She suffered for approximately 3 years with this debilitating..

Peripheral Neuropathy Medications And Their Side Effects.Dr. Brian Prax discusses two of the most commonly prescribed medications, Lyrica and Gabapentin Neurontin and their CRAZY side effects..

Peripheral Neuropathy Of 30 Years MUCH Improved With Treatment By Dr. Alff!..

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Six Points Physical Therapy | Fall Prevention-Rehab-Peripheral Neuropathy In Corpus Christi, TX.Since 2000, Six Points Physical Therapy has been offering a wide range of the most modern and comprehensive techniques found in the Coastal Bend. We offer..

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