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Neuropathy Cures Home Remedies

Treating Neuropathy and Nerve Pain in the Feet

Let me start with I'm a diabetic. I developed neuropathy, which basically you lose all sensation in the feet, but it's over a period of time. It was very painful. I would have sensations in my feet like I was standing on fire, walking on glass. Last October it got so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. Then I met Dr. Bullard, because he's just a great physician. I wouldn't think twice, I'd recommend him to anybody. Very compassionate, very thorough, I can't say enough about Dr. Bullard. He's just a great physician and I don't know.

If there's anything he couldn't do he could probably move mountains if he wanted to! Glen, probably one of the biggest questions people are asking you is what'd we do, what's happened. Of course, you had a tremendous improvement in your pain and the tingling and the numbness. Easiest explanation is, to tell everybody, that this big nerve here, which is on the inside part of your left foot, was getting strangled. There was a noose around it. What we did is we went in and loosened the noose, and that allows that nerve to begin to function and work like it's supposed.

To. Now, the sensation is coming back, it's something that's going to take time but I can feel more. My quality of life has greatly improved since I had the procedure done by Dr. Bullard. There's no other physician that I would recommend. Glen, in the next couple weeks, what we're going to do is make sure that the swelling is improving, hopefully begin to transition you out of your compression socks, because I know it's kind of hot right now, and then look at making sure that your shoe gear and things like that are where they're supposed.

Cold Numb Burning Feet Neuropathy Relief .TheVillagesNeuropathy

When you originally presented to the office, you presented with cold, numb, and burning feet due to neuropathy. Yes I did. We managed you here with the Davis neuropathy program, how are you feeling today and what's been your experience in the office I'd say I'm almost one hundred percent better. It's probably an 8 or a 9 but I call it a hundred percent because I feel so great. How were you doing before you found the office here, what was it like dealing with neuropathy No sleep, I couldn't walk very far. Now I can walk,.

Home Remedy for Chronic WoundsGash II II

Welcome to healthcare at home One of our viewer is Nisha Arora She has emailed us, her maternal uncle is having a wound from the last 1015 years and he has done various type of multiple treatment for that wound but that wound is still not healed up so in case we have any remedy that she want to know Ms. Nisha, we do have a home remedy that also a very effective home remedy in case any one is having any type of long lasting wound that can be cured with this remedy.

What you have to do its just a simple task take 12 kg of clarified cow's milk butter and add approximately 50 grams of Margosa leaves into it and heat that butter till the time margosa leaves are completely black in colou Moment the leaves turned black, take a wooden spoon and mix it very well mix it till that time butter reaches to frozen level Once the butter is frozen your medicine is ready but how to use this medicine that i will tell you Take almost two handfull of margosa leaves.

And boil it with 600700 ml of water for 15 minutes When the water is boiled for 15 minutes and water is reduced after that you have to strain the water and wait till the water is cool and the way we use to wipe our wounds with antiseptic lotions same way you have to wipe your wound though this water at least 45 times leave it to dry after that you have to apply that butter medicine you have to do this practice 34 times in a day And you will see.

How To Cure Peripheral Neuropathy Naturally Natural Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy

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Natural Cures For Neuropathy Pain

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