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Neuropathy In Cats

How to Give Pills to a Cat Treat Diabetes in Cats

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I am the owner of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic and I am here today on behalf of expertvillage to talk to you about cat first aid and administration of medications. Another older age kitty disease and obesity like this cat here is one of the major reasons the cats end up getting diabetes. So weight loss would be a really good thing for a cat like this. Diabetes is usually in cats over five years of age and it is associated with obesity and so keeping your cats trim can prevent this disease in a lot of cats.

So when we treat diabetes, the main thing that they usually need is insulin injections and just like people we use small insulin syringes with small insulin needles and based on some tests that we do we then direct you how to give your kitty insulin on a daily basis, usually twice a day and it really involves a pretty easy little injection like that. That is not as painful as she acted. She is just a little grouchy. This is our grouchy home cat, so and there is also a special diet that a cat with diabetes needs but basically.

Hypoglycemia and feline diabetes

So this is just a quick tutorial to let my friends know that Khan is okay thank you for everyone's messages of support and encouragement. He had to go to that last night I found him yesterday evening on the floor unresponsive limp not moving clearly in a state of disorientation and pain. I didn't know what to do so I just quickly got on Facebook and message on my friends who are within a two kilometre radius. My friend Mondee raced over here and got me and Khan to the emergency after hours vet.

Within half an hour and she stayed with me there he stayed overnight and they looked at him it took care of him and my friend Mondee once again drove me down to the vet at 7 a.m. this morning to pick him up and and without her I don't know what I would have done and I'm really thankful for her help and so is Khan and anyway so what it was was his blood sugars went really low he had a diet change recently on account have an infection.

And that had affected his and blood sugar ebb and flow I suppose for lack of a better and he crashed and his blood sugar level was so low that it didn't even register and he's he's fine now I just have to lower his doses of insulin and watch his food a bit more and he's good. He's good as new he's as you can see he's back to his normal affectionate self. He's a good cat and nothing worries me more than when he's in pain or he's sick and I'm glad he's okay and I am.

P4A 2013 Darcys A.R.C.

My name is Han Hajowski arguably the most adorable and handsome sixyearold domestic shorthair gentleman's cat on the planet. This year for project for awesome I want to tell everyone about the charity that saved my life. D'Arcy's animal rescue center, or just the ARC to its residents, has been saving animals like me for over 10 years. In that time the ARC has sheltered more than 10,000 animals giving us a place to weather the storms that life has thrown at us caring and supporting each one of us which allows us to grow strong.

Help us find our furever homes. The people who work and volunteer at the arc are dedicated to making us as happy and comfortable as possible. Just take a look at our living rooms filled with toys, plenty of sun beams, comfortable chairs and even a cat walk to visit our friends in the nearby rooms. I was so lucky to go to the ARC It's not just because the wonderful living conditions. The lengths that everyone goes to to give every stray a chance. See every one of us is a rescue animal, rescued from hunger,.

Neglect, abandonment, life changes and even abuse most importantly is those animals with medical conditions, like myself are are given a home here. If I'd gone to almost any other animal shelter around here it would have been the long sleep for me. Lucky for me the ARC does not discriminate like that. Heck they even take in dogs. No despite my medical condition D'arcy took me in back in 2009 and even gave me a job. I work as a greeter checking out every new family who came into the shelter. I even tested toys.

Professionally course. I preferred to think of myself as a counterintelligence agent because that was my job to show all those people where on the counter they kept the treats. Then last year, just before New Year's, my new people finally showed up I got to retire from my job and I went my furever home. The ARC is a nonprofit organization run entirely on community support, donations, volunteers and foster parents. They do fundraisers, charity dinners and even try to raise awareness by sleeping outside for a weekend in their stray for a day campaign.

GBMC Cochlear Implant Center Technology

The cochlear implant simulates the nerve bypassing the hearing organ and allowing us to get new signals into the brain that a person has lost. The hearing aid is basically a volume switch. It's turning up the stereo or the tv or your iPod so that you can amplify sound and hear better. Cochlear implant technology has changed drastically over the years, working at trying to make it smaller and more efficient. So the things that we're seeing that are changing a technology is not only longer battery life, making the systems prettier, but we're looking at easier.

Access through remote controls if the patient chooses, we're looking at more sophisticated microphone technology so that patients, depending on the situation they are in, can modify which microphones are working to let them hear more effectively in noise. And than the actual fitting programs that are more mathematical formulas that we use and trying to enhance those as well to make patients more successful in the quality of sound that they're getting. And, we also have a lot of accessories that patients can use now so patients can connect to if they're in an educational system, a system that's called an fm where the child.

Can connect one piece of the system to their processor and the other component is the teacher wearing a microphone so that they have a more direct signal coming to their implant to improve their hearing in the classroom environment. But they are also cables to be used so that patients can plug into their iPod, to their cell phone. They can plug into their laptop if they want to so that patients can have access to anything that a person with normal hearing would have. To continue to learn more about the cochlear implant center at GBMC please click the buttons.

Acupressure Points Techniques Acupressure Points for Foot Pain

We are at Sun Hoa Long Clinic, in Chinatown, New York City. We are doing some basic acupressure points to bring a lot of pain relief. The same points that you put needle on, you can apply finger pressure to bring about the same kind of relief. We will do really common point for any leg or feet pain. To locate that point, we are going to go right between the big toe, and the second toe and press a line till you cannot follow your finger anymore, backup a little bit, and the point should be tender to touch, and you can press and this rids.

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