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Neuropathy In Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Treatment New Diabetes Treatment For Reversing Your Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes Treatment New Diabetes Treatment For Reversing Your Diabetes Naturally tinyurll6mdeo4 Diabetes Treatment New Diabetes Treatment For Reversing Your Diabetes Naturally Diabetes Treatment New Diabetes Treatment For Reversing Your Diabetes Naturally If you or a loved one is suffering with type 1 or type 2 diabetes or even prediabetes, I'm about to tell you something you have never heard before no more needles, no more confusion, no more fear, no more embarrassment. Diabetes Treatment New Diabetes Treatment For Reversing Your Diabetes Naturally You are about to learn a little known, but 100 scientifically proven way to reverse.

How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Diabetic Nephropathy

Hello this is dr Bob people are always asking me how I was able to reverse my type 2 diabetes. as a doctor, I knew pretty well how to manage diabetes. As you can imagine, my diet was strict. Still, Diabetes was making me feel tired and lethargic all the time. I was taking insulin, my conditions were degenerating over the years. I was even starting to notice a higher levels of albumin in the urine, meaning that my kidneys where starting to be affected too. It's a condition called Diabetic Nephropathy. Things weren't going really well.

Exploring Autoimmunity Why Good T Cells Go Bad

T cells fight infections in our bodies They spot attack and killing invading viruses and bacteria but sometimes certain T cells can mistake our bodies' own proteins for target. This is the case in people with type 1 diabetes for reasons that are unclear those Tcells get activated and they get turned on to attacking beta cells. Dr. Tom Serwold's lab at Joslin Diabetes Center aims to better understand T cell development and education you can think of T cells as sorta like policemen in that they constantly traffic throughout the body and they.

Interact with lots of other cells and lots of other tissues and they're actively searching out for cells were infected with bacteria or viruses. They use discarded remnants of protein stuck to the surfaces of infected cells as signposts letting them know which cells to strike Tcells learn what to fight and what to ignore in a small organ called the thymus found in the upper chest behind the breastbone. There, Tcells learn from their teachers or thymic epithelial cells which proteins are supposed to be in the body and which should be targeted. For example in the thymus.

Teacher cells present the T cells with insulin. Serwold that enables the T cells that are developing to become educated to insulin and so the T cells that can react to insulin are generally eliminated within the body the T cells that respond to the bacterial and viral antigens are the socalled good Tcells so they should get the okay signal and leave the thymus Narration in type 1 diabetes Tcell education goes wrong in the T cells primed to go after insulin get released into the body these miseducated Tcells locate beta cells.

And destroy them and so are my lab is trying to do is try is we're studying that process and with the goal of trying to enhance the deletion of Tcells with receptors that can attack beta cells. We think if we could make the thymic epithelial cells express more insulin or other proteins that are specifically expressed normally in betacells that we could increase the level of tolerance to beta cells and decrease the likelihood of a Tcell talk on beta cells. One experiment looks to capture the betacell sensitive Tcells so their.

Exact molecular makeup can be further studied Martin We're going to place something called trap which is a small like tablet which you put inside the mouse and there, Tcells home to this and then we can take the T cell from there and study them in detail and what is really interesting if you can move into humans and study Tcells there then we can see what initiates type 1 diabetes and the recurrence and other mechanistic studies which would eventually lead us to possible therapies because we would understand how these Tcells.

Attack the beta cells. Narration if a treatment to reeducate Tcells comes to fruition it could be applied before beta cells become destroyed or just after type 1 diabetes diagnosis in the hopes that some beta cell function will be preserved and along with beta cell transplantation tcell therapy would be one of a twopronged approach to a cure Serwold what my lab is working on is to prevent the autoimmunity and so that's one wing. And we think that's going to be highly complementary to the other wing which is the betacell replacement but it's gonna take both.

Joslin Researchers Identify Immune Cells That Promote Growth of Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes

New research from Joslin Diabetes Center shows that in type 1 diabetes while Tcells are killing beta cells their also trying to help those beta cells to regrow it has been told for a long time that T cells the immune cells are destroying the beta cells but in this paper we show that there's also a benefit for the beta cells for proliferation this is a very interesting study which we started looking into because of the previous data from the Medalist Studies where people have looked at patients with type 1 diabetes for.

A longer period of time ago fifty years and some others patients show a proliferation of beta cells Ercument Dirice, a postdoc in doctor Rohit Kulkarni's lab found that certain subsets of T cells that kill beta cells also secrete what they call soluble factors which stimulate betacell proliferation or reproduction so it seems ironic that on the one hand the killing the cells but on the other hand they are also trying to protect and that exactly is the question we want to address because it's something very new in the field that has been overlooked.

That in fact some of these cells which are attacking the beta cells are actually trying to protect them to maintain homeostasis any potential treatments developed from this discovery will take many trials over a number of years to perfect and to cure type 1 diabetes betacell proliferation therapies would have to be coupled with suppression of the immune system but this discovery is a start So we are opening a window a frame here to show this that these candidates can be used as a contributor for immunosuppresive therapies. and the next step would be to.

Etiology and Manifestation Codes Medical Coding Basics

Okay, I'm confused about the difference between etiology and manifestation codes. What is the difference and do you know any example have any examples And we just happen to have that. This is basic for coders. You know, you don't probably really think etiology and manifestation when you're coding. But what's the first you need to know is the guidelines. Etiology is telling you what the patient has wrong with them. Manifestation tells you how the etiology is presenting. So an example of that, 250. That's the diabetes with mellitus. That's the etiology. That's what the patient has. And keep in mind, diabetes codes always.

Have 5 digits, the 250. So they do trick you on the test sometimes and leave oen of those digits off. Okay so let's say our patient is 250.1. That's a type 1 diabetic and it's under control. So if this patient starts having some problems, their kidney starts acting up which is common with diabetes. The patient comes in to the office today because they're felling lightheaded and their feet has been swollen for a week. Nothing seems to alleviate that swelling. The patient's a type 1 diabetic at 35 years, their blood pressure's 15098.

They've got cluster edema in the ankles bilaterally and have high protein level in their urine. So this person's sick. They've got something going on. Their diabetes is the etiology and they have manifestations. So HTN, that's the abbreviation for hypertension. You've got protein in the urine Etiology and Manifestation Codesand you've got edema. These are all signs of renal neuropathy and that's common with people who's had diabetes for a long time. So our patient codes for this visit is going to be 250.41 and this code tells you to use.

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