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Neuropathy Lupus

Do I Have Fibromyalgia or Lupus

Do I have fibromyalgia or lupus How could I tell what I have Both fibromyalgia and lupus cause pain and fatigue. And you can have both at the same time. That would be horrible. With fibromyalgia, your risk of irritable bowl syndrome, PMS and mitral valve prolapse and depression are more likely. Depression is more likely in anyone suffering from chronic pain. What is the difference between the disorders Lupus is an autoimmune disorder. With lupus, the immune system usually attacks the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys and joints. In short, almost everything.

Lupus can cause fever, rashes, anemia, seizures and skin lesions made worse by sunlight. None of those symptoms occur with fibromyalgia. What causes fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia isn't well understood. We know that often occurs after spinal injury or having Lyme disease. Can they diagnose it conclusively Lupus is diagnosed via antinuclear antibody or ANA blood tests. There isn't a similar conclusive test for fibromyalgia. Hence the misdiagnoses. The bewildering array of symptoms makes it hard to diagnose. Fibromyalgia affects the brain and nervous system, causing everything from serious problems migraines and blurred.

Vision to cravings for chocolate. The latter sounds pretty good. Not when you're dealing with the pain that is the hallmark of fibromyalgia. And that is on top of the sleep disturbances and muscle twitches. I've heard that it can interfere with concentration. Fibromyalgia can cause far more than that. It can cause teeth grinding, poor balance, confusion so bad you don't recognize familiar places and difficulty speaking. How is it treated Lupus is treated by suppressing parts of the immune system, though this makes you prone to infection. Lupus is regularly treated with antiinflammatory drugs and antimalaria drugs.

Genetic Risk Factor for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus

Genetic Risk. A longtime collaborative research program has identified a genetic variation that increases the risk of two autoimmune diseases rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, and systemic lupus erythematosus, or lupus. Dr. Elaine Remmers and her colleagues used a large number of DNA samples from people with RA, lupus, or neither disease. They tested variants within 13 specific genes located in a region of chromosome 2 associated with RA to see if these genetic variations appeared in any of the samples. Among the variants they examined, the researchers found several genetic differences in a gene, known as STAT4.

STAT4 is important because it encodes a protein that plays a role in the regulation and activation of certain cells of the immune system. The investigators learned that one variant form of the gene was present much more often in samples from RA patients compared with people without RA. The scientists replicated that result in two independent collections of RA cases and controls. The researchers also found that the same variant of the STAT4 gene was even more strongly linked with lupus in three independent collections from patients and people without lupus.

The results suggest that people who carry two copies of the form of the STAT4 gene associated with disease have a 60percent increased risk for RA and more than double the risk for lupus compared with people who carry no copies of that form of the gene. The research also suggests a shared disease pathway for RA and lupus. The success of the study can be attributed in part to the productive, longstanding collaboration between NIAMS intramural researchers and other scientists that the Institute supports around the country. For more information, please visit our Web site at niams.nih.gov.

48 Nerve Damage Morphine Addiction Gone Faster EFT

The most amazing thing I've ever had happen in my life and really we all have amazing things but the this is a situation that I have been dealing with, and dealing with it very terrible pain that occurred from a happening in my life where, what was it Sherrie 1998 They damaged that major nerve. 1998 I end up going in for a angiogram, after being treated by physician for in ear infection and I went in a hospital in Orlando. If you guys are ever in Orlando and you need to go to hospital, that's a topflight.

Place. We were very blessed that they come up with what they call a crises radiologist, but they discovered that I had a a blood clot in my right vertebral artery and they had to go back up my groin and bust the blood clot, then they went back up it again in put in a stent, due to the condition of the right vertebral artery. The left one was gone and it's just something that happens to people. but anyway I was just sitting there and, just feeling this awful knot in my groin and.

Since this happened. they have, invaded my brain like 12 or 13 times, so if I say something crazy, or I'm doing something crazy you understand, It is a situation from having your brain invaded and it has made a big difference by Robert very capably set me down and we went through the tapping method. and. hey folks I'm not I'm not lying to you, Robert quit and he says How's the pain and it's gone! And this is after four or five years. I was treated oneyear, a couple years ago, for.

I was on morphine and spent a month in the hospital trying to get off of it. And now my groin, the pain has gone the burning has gone and I haven't smoked a cigarette since last Tuesday afternoon about 2 o'clock! I've never been happier in my life and I feel like, thanks to our friend here, he was very capable, I was very much at ease with him and I feel very fortunate, very blessed to have crossed paths with with Robert. Thank you. I've watched Paul and his suffering and we almost lost him a couple years ago.

Because the morphine that they were giving him had shut down his system his colon and he was severely obstructed and then they put him on this patch that is, I guess, very addictive and the VA Veterans Administration doctors are just he got special permission to to use the patch, because they said once this nerve is damaged it cannot be repaired, it will not heal itself. And yet he's pain free now! He's suffered from a terrific amount of burning and it's just been a miracle, an absolute miracle.

Your Parents Fears Become Your Illness Fibromyalgia, MS, Cancer Chiropractor Rochester NY

So when I see someone in my office who has a long term chronic health issue like cancer, ms, fibromyalgia or lupus one of the things I is all of the sources of stress that are coming into their life. Because I know that is taking away from their bodies resources to send towards healing. Well a recent piece of research that Iooked at changed my whole outlook on this. So the question of whether our behaviors and beliefs come from our parents or our environment is the classic debate of nature vs nuture. Well research at Emory University recently.

Found that when mice were exposed to a fearful situation and very specific smell at the same time, the next 2 generations actually had an aversion to that smell without ever previously being exposed to it. When I look at this research I love it because I see that it helps to show that our perceptions and our experiences have a major impact on our health. The way that we experience things in life can make changes even down to the genetic level and that is so cool! So what I'm most interested in is looking.

At this from an individual life perspective. If it true that our parents pass along our beliefs and our fears to us then we are a product of both nature and nurture. We are getting it in our genes and we are also getting every day when we are exposed to it because its their experience and their belief. So think about this from your case. What are the things that plagued your parents experience of life Maybe it was fear of money, maybe it was a challenge giving and receiving love, maybe it was being really angry. Where are.

Any of these things showing up for you. The really important thing is to be aware of it, then you can make a change. So the question I ask in these tutorials often is why is a chiropractor talking about this. Well its a good point, like I said one of the things I love helping people with is long term chronic conditions like cancer, MS, Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Like I said, I like to look at things from all manner of stresses. So stress can come into our lives physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When we are stressed its.

Taking away from our resources to be healthy and be well and live the life that we want and its decreasing our body's ability to heal. So when I look at these stresses, I'm asking, where are they coming from So one more time I'm going to ask you what are the things in your parents life that just plagued them. Are there any overlaps for you in your life Noticing the pattern is the most important thing. When you can see the pattern then you can make a choice about it. Now the choice for you is, do you want to make the change.

Or do you want to pass it on to your kids I really enjoyed spending this time with you and I look forward to talking to you again in another tutorial. If you enjoyed this tutorial I'd like to offer you something special. If you click on the link below to unwindyourspine and sign up for my email list there I'm going to send you a discount for half off of your initial visit, that's a $40 value. You're also going to get updates of when I send out more of these tutorials and other cool stuff.

I suffer from Raynauds disease what can I do

MUSIC I suffer from raynaud's syndrome all the year round, what can I do Raynaud's is a condition where the extremities of the body such as the fingers, the toes may change colour and become painful. This can affect about 1 in 20 people Now the things that you can do to reduce the risk of it include things like stopping smoking, some chemicals in smoke can restrict the blood vessel so thats very important to stop smoking. You may be on some tablets or medication, such as beta blockers or anti migrane drugs or indeed you might be.

Taking decongestants, all of these drugs can make raynaud's worse, so if you're not sure about that it'll be worth talking to your doctor. Other things like caffeine in coffee can also cause a similar problem The most important thing is that you keep your hands and feet warm, so don't wait until they get cold get your gloves and your socks on in good time In slightly more serious cases you can buy heated socks or gloves but if the condition is really bothersome it would be worth going to see your GP because they can prescribe a drug that can actually help with the circulation.

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Selena Gomez Reveals She Has Lupus

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