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Neuropathy Pain Relief Scottsdale Az 4804481152

Laser Therapy for Shoulder Injuries

There are many different treatments for a shoulder. One of the great new treatments that we have is laser therapy. Laser therapy is going to put energy into the tissue that's going to cause different mechanisms. One is an increase in blood flow. The small little blood vessels open up so more blood flow means more nutrients coming to the area. We're going to turn on the repair mechanisms so these little cells start repairing and laying down fibers and tissues to strengthen the area. It also ramps up ATP production.

In cells. The mitochondria start producing more ATP which is just gasoline for your cells. So if they have more energy they can use that to repair and heal with. This is also going to help block some of those pain nerves from firing. It loosens inaudible feel the pain so it helps you to feel better. The treatment is very easily applied. As the laser is turned on, it's going to across the skin in a nice smooth fashion. The depth penetration is going to be anywhere from 8 to 10 centimeters so it's going to go full thickness of the.

Muscle. By doing that we're going to get an effect not just on the skin but all the way through. Some of the older lasers would just penetrate the top 2 to 3 centimeters, which is great if the injury is only 2 to 3 centimeters deep. But many are further down so we need a stronger laser. The second thing it'll do is this laser is going to put 4 joules per second into a shoulder. The old class 3 lasers would put about 5 joules in a minute. So the difference is we've got.

Bruce K. Military Patient Testimonial Laser Spine Institute

My back pain first started when I came home from Vietnam. I didn't know it at the time, but I had a mortar round land very close to me, and I believe that caused a compression fracture of L4 in my spine. It was over 40 years. I have a very high threshold of pain, and when I first came home, I was always told that it was muscle pain. And I tried to deal with the muscle pain, thinking, well, I just need to get my back stronger. But the pain.

Never went away. About all I did was therapy because all the doctors would ever say was it was muscular. No one was ever interested in taking an Xray or doing an MRI. Well, I love to play golf, and I started playing golf before I retired in 2009. Sometimes, I'd go out to play, and I'd take a swing and I'd go to a knee in pain. I thought it was muscular, still. I never stopped playing never knowing it was hurting my back worse making it much worse.

I finally had to stop playing golf. I came home one day and I told my wife, I said, I can't play anymore. She said, There's something wrong with you. I went to get the MRI when the doctor ordered it and found out that my vertebrae had been separated from my spine. I had a compression fracture. And over the years, it had moved to nearly over 60 percent away from my spine. I didn't even know how I was walking. The VA was willing to fix it for me, but they wanted to send me to a traditional surgeon.

And do traditional fusion, where they would have opened up my whole back. I heard about a lot of surgeries like that and not many of them were successful. So I decided to look around and see what else I could find. And I saw the Laser Spine Institute's commercials on TV, and I said, It's a free consult. I'd be stupid not to go and have them look at it. But before I did, I decided to go and talk to another orthopedic doctor. He said if they can do that, you go.

He recommended that I go to the Laser Spine Institute, and boy, am I glad I went. I thought I was just having major disc problems or maybe there needed to be some space created. But I had both sciatic nerves were pinched off, and I had spinal stenosis, and I needed things opened up. Plus, Dr. Flood was able to take that vertebrae and move it back toward the spine without causing any more damage than was already there. And it was just three little incisions not even an inch.

The day I came out of surgery, all of my pain was gone all of it. It was amazing. There was a time when I thought, before the surgery, that I was never going to play golf again. As bad as that would have been, I would have had to accept it. But now that I can, not only play, I can play better than I ever played. That's just marvelous. It's just terrific. Now I can swing full. I can hit the ball further than I ever hit the ball, and it's an amazing.

Laser Therapy Scottsdale AZ 4804481152

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