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Neuropathy Recovery Time

Does Bunion Surgery Cause a Lot of Pain

I had bunion surgery about 25 years ago, the traditional surgery. I was off work for a few works, I had no physical therapy, and my feet continued to bother me after that. I have a coworker who came to Dr. Weber and raved about him, so I came in and scheduled my surgery for a Friday. I was back to work on Monday, I started physical therapy on Monday right away, and hardly any pain medication maybe the first couple of nights, and that was it. The staff is fabulous, they welcome you like you are part of your family. They attend to.

GuillainBarre Syndrome Treatment and Recovery

GuillainBarre syndrome is a a progressive weakness that can happen after a viral illness. It usually starts with numbness, tingling in toes and spreads to the upper parts of the legs and to the fingertips within a matter of seven days. And then progressively the patients get weaker, bad enough that they may not be able to breath if they don't come to medical attention. Once they are admitted to the hospital for example, if the right type of tests are done they can be diagnosed with this condition and can be treated readily.

Neuropathy NumbTingling Feet Symptoms Resolved .DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the office, you presented with chronic burning, tingling, and numbness in both lower legs and feet. How did you respond to our neuropathy program, and how are you doing today I've responded remarkably and I am doing, I would say, 95 better today so far on the program. I had basically in my feet area I was not having the feeling that I should have had. Of course it had affected my personality, basically getting hard to live with, but now I am just feeling 95 100 better. Since I've started.

KT Tape Foot Pad Pain

This application is for forefoot pain, which could be from a variety of causes including mortons neuroma, or connective tissue issues, and this is a taping technique you can try for it. For this application what I'll have you do is tear off an Istrip off that roll, and go ahead and tear the paper right in the middle of the tape. We are going to use the middle portion of the tape with fairly good stretch, and when you stretch it stretch it evenly using your forefinger or thumbs to actually stretch the tape evenly versus pinching the middle or the side of the tape.

What we are going to do is place that on the bottom of the foot as close to the toes as you can get without squishing the toes and apply full tension on the bottom, and once you come around to the sides of the foot you are going to ease that tension off and lay those ends down on the top of the foot with no tension on that tape. Then lay the other end down with no tension, and rub that on with the paper and that will create a little friction, a little heat.

Dr Ryan introduces the Clinics Newest Service Laser Light Therapy

Hello I am Dr Ryan with Kambeitz Chiropractic. I would like to introduce to you the newest device for treating soft tissue injuries here in the clinic. This is a class 4 diode laser. So it is laser light therapy. We are using the laser light over the areas that need to be treated. Basically to accelerate the tissue healing in those areas at a cellular level. So lets say I am using this laser.It is not on currently but if i were using it on my wrist I would use the laser directly on the skin to creat a effect.

At a cellular level again We are helping with inflammation, improving fat drainage, circulation, and pain management as well. A lot of times our patients can experience a noticeable difference in their symptoms after one treatment. Sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 before a patient might notice a difference. Everyone is a little different but we seem to get the best results from this laser if we put people on a tretment plan. When visits well be more frequent throughout the week. So the screen here is where we can adjust the intensity of the laser.

Depending on the area of the body we are using the laser on We would increase the wattage if I was working on a larger area of the body like a hip or knee. If I am using it on a hand i am going to decrease the intensity of the laser But this laser has the ability to penetrate the skin as much as 3.5 inches. Which is good to be able to give a therapeutic effect at that depth. If you have any questions or comments feel free to make those on this tutorial.

Drug Detox Centers in GA Recovery Treatment Substance Abuse

It's never too late to stop the suffering and end the pain addiction we offer unique programs with individualized treatment plans we know that no two people are alike and different people have different treatment needs so we customize your treatment program to ensure the highest success rate for your recovery we pride ourselves on having one of the finest yet affordable recovery programs in the nation we offer lowcost treatment with worldclass care and also accept many types a private insurance your privacy is assured and your treatment is always confidential we maintain.

Spinal Lumbar Surgery Helps Salem Resident Maintain Active Lifestyle

My name is Dennis Korumpas, I'm 73 years of age and I born and grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. I was social studies teacher in Peabody for about 22 years and I ended my career in Peabody in 2003 and I've been retired since. I was doing a spinathon at the Salem Y in June 2nd of 2013 and when I got home I couldn't feel my right foot, my right toe. Lucky to get in to see Dr. Medlock. MRI revealed that I had spinal stenosis. In spinal stenosis, these are the nerves that come down from the head and go down to the.

Legs so they have to come through this channel right here and then they have to come out through down to the legs. So this area gets smaller as the spine becomes more arthritic with age. Well we took the conservative approach, therapy, medication, and I did that for four or five months. Yeah the treatment of spinal stenosis is always conservative, it's always non surgical and and surgical is the last step when we can't keep em' comfortable by any other means. So I referred him to Dr. Pajela. Yeah I went to see her two or three times and again she was checking the strength of my foot,.

Whatever, and we sort of reached a plateau, it wasn't getting any better. So, in Dennis' case, he lost function in his foot, which is important because he teaches spinning classes, so we really focused on trying to get his strength back. So after about, you know, six to eight weeks of physical therapy when I saw that his weakness wasn't improving we discussed surgery. So we really don't like jumping into that unless we have to, but you know, we really want to restore their function to the level where they're.

Able to do the things they want to do and that's what we really, we try to impress upon patients. And that's when she sent me back to Dr. Medlock, and that's when he said, do you want, do you want to do the surgery And the procedures called a lumbar laminectomy and involves taking the bone off of the back of the spine, so again this is the back of the patient. So the patient is put to sleep, and then I make an incision, and then I come down and I take off this bone so that.

These nerves in here are no longer compressed. He said to me that it would be probably six months to a year before you get back most of what you had before. The speed of the recovery is quite variable, generally younger patients, like Dennis do very well, and he's a very motivated person, so he's it's always a delight to treat someone like that because they're, they have places to go and things to do, and you know that they're gonna, they're gonna be very proactive in their recovery and do well.

carpal tunnel doctors in round rock tx 5127828922 carpal tunnel syndrome double crush

Hey guys doctor Murphy here Round Rock Texas chiropractor just got back into town from our Christmas vacation us playing in snow for about five days really get a relaxing time today I want to talk to you about carpal tunnel syndrome carpal tunnel syndrome is described as a pins and needles your hands seniors does have pain associated with that very uncomfortable some keeps people awake at night was really really up serious problem for people are suffering from now a lot of people had things like carpal tunnel surgery.

The problem with carpal tunnel surgery is that a lot of times carpal tunnel syndrome is misdiagnosed is actually condition called double crush syndrome which means which means that it is not only the nerves trapped in the wrist but also nerves that could be trapped in the neck or shoulder or elbow and you can imagine if you have carpal tunnel surgery on your wrists then the inner might be shot in the arm or shoulder neck that surgery on the wrist is not going to help now the other problem with surgery is that the tunnel the nerves have to go through in the wrist is really small.

When you there sir hang on with surgery then when that heals you will get scar tissue now I'll which is you're taken urs like Nancy more so after the surgery some people will get a little bit early but then it comes back worse because that scar tissue what better way to treat carpal tunnel is through conservative means like chiropractic care chiropractic care very successful in treating carpal tunnel because firstly diagnosis dinner pension arrest me although made shoulder after maybe a combination various there which structurally just structure it pressure of America get some early.

We also use our nerve ReBuilder a program it helps the nerves regenerate repair faster Murray growth is a very slow process well this particular therapy helps speed up the that process we also look at nutritionally because the nurse will grow heal faster the proper restrictions yeah nutrition there and then we also do some soft tissue workwear we also do some massage therapy work on the joints to try to help relieve any kind of muscle issues that might be there as well so someone you know or maybe even your cell.

Healing and Relieving Pain Caused by Foot Ulcers

What is the reason you came to see Dr. Green I have ulcers on the bottom of my feet. From time to time they come and go and Dr. Green takes care of them for me. How is this affecting you and your life. I have trouble walking. How did Dr. Green help you He takes care of them and he does it very well, too. The staff are always helping me put my boot on and they're very professional, very courteous, and very nice. Would you recommend other people to come see us.

Mozart Healing Music Relaxing Music Therapy

Mozart Healing Music Relaxing Music Therapy,.

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