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Neuropathy Specialist Boston Ma

Thank you for watching our tutorial. We are heretoday to talk about Neuropathy and small nerve fibers symptoms. As neuropathy progressesthe small nerve fibers can give off bad sensations like numbness, tingling, pinching, sharp deepstabs, electric shocks, and buzzing. Another big problem with the small nerve fibers symptomsassociated with neuropathy is that the clients often times can cut or injure their feet.They can break their bones, they can get cuts and ulcers that just don’t heal because ofthe neuropathy and they also get reinjured over and over again because the client’s justcan’t feel their feet. These problems are grave can lead to infections that can affectthe entire body and ultimately to amputations.

If you suffer from these problems the naturalapproach is best. Always take the natural approach first. Thank you..

Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist SSI Susan OMalley

Hi, my name is Susan O’Malley. I practicesocial security disability law and I’ve been certified as a specialist in social securitydisability law by the North Carolina state bar. We have an office in Tarboro, North Carolinaand one in Raleigh, North Carolina. The name of our law firm is O’Malley Tunstall..

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