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Neuropathy Swollen Hands

Neuropathy Post Chemotherapy BurningNumb Feet TheVillagesNeuropathy

When you originally presented to the office, you presented with very severe numbness and pain in the lower extremities and feet. What we observed from your history is you actually had neuropathy due to chemotherapy. How have you responded to the Davis Neuropathy protocol and how are you doing today regarding the pain and numbness in the feel? When I first came I was in very bad pain and the numbness was very bad. After treatment it was a great improvement. I’m very satisfied and satisfied with everything that was done to me. Well congratulations with your results, and we’re very proud to serve you here in the . Also the staff was very helpful and everything and very pleasant and wonderful to work with.

Well congratulations we’re delighted to have you here as a patient.

Burning Hands Burning Feet Pain Relieved DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the office you presented with peripheral neuropathy damage in your hands and in your feet and lower legs. You complained of tingling and burning initially presenting to the office. How have you responded to our program for neuropathy management, and how are you doing today sir? Well I think I’m improving. When I first came here I really had a problem. My feet were sweating, the were burning, and they were tingling and my hands the same way. As far as my feet are concerned, it’s coming along real good. I think it’s over half of what it used to be, but my hands are still tingling, but the burning sensation is gone. Well congratulations on your results thus far and we’re very very.

Proud of your progress at this point. Thank you Doc, you did a good job.

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