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Neuropathy Treatment Options And Testimonials

Neuropathy Chemotherapy Nerve Damage Larry S Testimonial

Interviewer: Hi, sir. What is your name? Larry: My name is Larry Shine SP. Interviewer: All right, Larry. Today is May 29, 2013, and you’re at Arkansas Spinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment Center. Why don’t we start off by having you tell me why you came to this ? Larry: One of my classmates, number one, gave me a phone call one day and said quot;Larry, have you seen this ad? I’ve been seeing something on TV, a inaudible 00:00:26 over in Conway, Arkansas, that supposedly can do something to help you with your neuropathy.

Problem.quot; So she called me back and gave me the phone number. So I immediately made a phone call, and the people at the ‘s office sent me a package in the mail inaudible 00:00:44. I received it within two or three days. I went over the information, and then I immediately made a phone call back and made an appointment to come by to see what they could probably do for me. The good news is that my cousin and I came over and I had the opportunity to meet Curry SP. We discussed my situation, that I’ve been suffering with neuropathy for a little bit over a year and a half because of cancer that I had, which was Stage 4 cancer,.

And I’m a diabetic, which caused my sugar level to rise, which resulted in me having neuropathy. And some of the symptoms of my problem are feet, my lower leg, and my hands. I can tell you this, today is my second day of treatment. I could tell, believe it or not, last night, the first day back home, I saw some positive results of the treatment that I had on Tuesday. It’s amazing. Number one, I’m walking better. I forgot to use my cane yesterday and last night by the way. I’m getting too much confidence I guess. But anyway, I’m very proud of the fact.and some of the things that I’m feeling in my.

Feet and my legs last night when I was asleep, I think are positive signs that maybe blood circulation is prevalent, is gonna happen, is imminent rather. And I’ve got a feeling that after a few more treatments, it’s very possible that you will see, I will see, a tremendous amount of improvement in my condition. But I’m very pleased with the staff here. I’m very pleased with the . You’ve got some very capable, professional people here. I couldn’t ask for a better service than what I’m getting now. I mean, it’s like family; it’s a family affair. And when you come over here, and I will highly recommend that if you’re thinking about getting some type of a service and treatment, and you want a ,.

You want a staff that’s really concerned about you and treats you like family, this is the place to go, right here in Conway, Arkansas. Interviewer: Thank you, Larry. That is awesome. I mean, really. Wow! Thank you. The one thing that I wanted to talk about for sure is, so many of the patients who have neuropathy, they come in here and they talk about their sense of balance and the fact that they fall, or they stumble a lot, or they don’t have sure footing, or they trip a lot. All those kinds of things go with neuropathy because they don’t have the correct sensation down in their feet. It can make them feel like they don’t have good balance. Would you go.

Over what you told me a little while ago about that, even after your first treatment? Larry: Right. My equilibrium has improved as of yesterday. Like I said earlier, I’m walking now really without the cane. I feel a very good sense of balance. Normally, when I get out of bed in the morning, I takes me like a minute and a half before I can really get my balance, before I can walk maybe into the kitchen and get my coffee ready or whatever the case may be. This morning when I got up, I got up this morning, by the way, around 4:30, and I didn’t have to stand up more than 30 seconds before I went and ventured on and made my coffee.

And then set my bath water and all that type of thing. So I have seen, in other words, a big reduction in time as it relates to when I get out of bed. Because normally, when you lie down, that’s when I normally have problems with my feet and my legs, where I would get cramps at night. And I would get up in the morning and it took me a little while just to get going. But I think after that first treatment, and I think I mentioned that to the first thing this morning, I did see some positive changes regarding the downtime as it relates to me being able to walk. And I expect even better information forthcoming as related.

Treating Numbness Tingling and Burning Caused by Neuropathy

My name is David Northcutt. I’m one of the podiatrists here at Dallas Podiatry Works. Today I want to discuss diabetic peripheral neuropathy. There are several reasons for the development of peripheral neuropathy, but diabetic peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy simply means nerve damage that is caused from having diabetes. This is not something that develops rapidly, but is a slowly worsening and progressive condition which happens over the period of several years. The loss of sensation that occurs with nerve damage from diabetes makes the patient more prone to developing open.

Sores or ulcers. Patients often do not know that they have a sore or wound, due to this lack of sensation. This can lead to significant complications including amputations. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy usually occurs in patients who do not maintain their blood sugar well, however it can occur in anyone with diabetes. The symptoms of neuropathy include numbness, tingling, pain, burning in the feet which can progress up to the legs, there’s often loss of muscle tone, loss of balance, and changes to foot structure. To determine whether you have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a.

History and physical will be performed. Simple, in office, noninvasive testing helps to diagnose the problem. Neurologic tests sometimes are ordered. Sometimes a biopsy of the peripheral nerves in the skin may also be performed. Treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy begins with good control of your blood sugar. There are oral medications as well as topical medications that may reduce your symptoms. Prevention of diabetic peripheral neuropathy includes maintaining good blood sugar levels. If you have any symptoms of numbness, burning, tingling in your feet or legs, please give us a call at Dallas Podiatry Works. We will work to get the correct diagnosis to help.

Relieve your symptoms.

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