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Neuropathy Treatment Testimonial La Quinta

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I was hurting for a long time. What I needed was to fix my hip.

Permanent Solution for Painful Ingrown Toenails

My name’s Bob. I live in La Quinta, CA, and I was referred to Danciger by the Eisenhower Medical Center, where I’m a concierge patient. I had an ingrown toenail and saw Danciger last spring. That would have been June of 2014. He advised me at the time, he said, ‘Look, I can trim this toenail and make the pain go away for a while, but the long term solution is a surgical procedure.’ I opted, at the time, for simply a trim, but he cautioned me that within a month or two, the nail would grow back and the pain would occur again. Sure enough, that’s the case. So, I came in in October, and said, ‘Let’s do the permanent solution.’ It was at some trepidation, because the idea.

Of having surgery on my big toe was not a pleasant prospect for me. He explained the procedure and how he was going to take this big needle and stick it in my toe and I was fearful that I would levitate at that. But, I screwed up my courage and came in and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ However, as concerned as I was about it, it turns out that with his procedure with more or less freezing the area, which was not uncomfortable, and then injecting it, I didn’t even feel the injection. The process was absolutely painless. Of course, the toe was fixed. It was an easy procedure. I’m now back for my fourday visit, the toe is healing fine. I’m looking forward.

To having a lifetime without an ingrown issue. So, for that, I’m very appreciative. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danciger to anyone.

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