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Neuropathy Treatment Tulsa Ok

Rob mcclendon: it’s now been over two decades since oklahoma native and country music artist Wade Hayes made his debut on the charts. In that time, he has had his hits performing all around the world. But the real journey in Wade Hayes’ life, well, it’s been a personal one. Rob McClendon: Country music success came early for Wade Hayes. Wade Hayes: Things just really snowballed; it was a really, really fast ride once I got there.

Rob: yeah, you were young. hayes: yeah i was 2223 years old at the time. I had my first hit record at 24 years old. (music old enough to know better too young to care) Rob: Old Enough to Know Better hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts, with his debut album producing another three top 10 singles. (music) Hayes: It was the most incredible thing, and it was a blur. You know, so much happened I can hardly remember all of it. And it was.

To be honest with you too much for a 24yearold kid from bethel acres. i had never seen or done anything. And then all of a sudden I am flying coast to coast all the time and seeing things and experiencing things I had never dreamed that I would get to do. Rob: And Wade Hayes’ career continued to rock along with more hits despite himself. Hayes: I was, you know, really a naive country boy. And I knew I wasn’t a stupid person but I look back and think, how stupid were you? It’s a hard game you know. And you’ve got.

To have a great team on your side. i mean, you can’t do it on your own. Rob: A lesson Hayes would later be reminded of in his personal life. Hayes: In 2011, I had been experiencing some abdominal pain and a little bit of bleeding, not to be too graphic. So we do a colonoscopy and find out I have got a tumor about the size of an orange in my large intestine. And upon further tests discover not only do I have cancer there but it has spread to most of my liver, my lymph nodes, my diaphragm,.

And i was given about a 12 percent chance of surviving. they scheduled kind of an emergency surgery, and they go in and take over 20 inches of my large intestine out, 60 to 75 percent of my liver, part of my diaphragm, just on the first go around. I go through recovery, and then we start the chemotherapy. And that was a really horrible ordeal. And I make it through that, and I make it exactly a year, and my tests start bleeping again that there is something wrong and find out I have cancer again that’s in my lymph nodes near the original.

Tumor site. so i get to start the whole process over again. Rob: More chemotherapy, another surgery and questions on his own mortality. Hayes: When I was going through chemotherapy I started reading statistics, which I wouldn’t advise anybody to do that. And saw what, I did not realize until than point what serious trouble I was in. And so at the time I wrote a song called Is It Already Time? (Hayes singing: Nothing I could do or say right then could change a thing. So I sit.

There alone wondering, is it already time, time to move along, have i lived my life, have I written my last song?) Hayes: The writing, you know, was kind of therapy for me, and I walked my dog Jack every day, even with the chemo bag hanging out of me. I had to wear it home, and the whole thing just sucked. You know, it was horrible trying to shower with this needle hanging out of you and pumping poison into you, and trying to sleep with it, it’s just, you know. (song).

I allowed myself a moment to think, wow, is this really it, you know, is this how it’s going to end. And then that was it, I put my head down, and I started moving forward. I did not look up. (song) Rob: And began a comeback on stage, this time not just singing his songs, but sharing his journey with others. Hayes: I’ve spoken with people after shows, total strangers, prayed with them, that are facing this diagnosis, that are hurting and.

DMSO Explained History Anti Inflammatory Cancer And With MMS Nancy Gurish Staying Healthy

Hi. this is nancy from your health and tech friend. tonight i was going to discuss several issues and I was looking in to vitamin supplements and I came across gt;gt; while on the website gt;gt; Utopia Silver Supplements, I came across a product called DMSO gt;gt; I am going to keep looking across this way because I have a web screen open over here gt;gt; to another web site gt;gt; to the Utopia Silver Supplements website gt;gt; and I have a screen open over here gt;gt; with another website, my website and I a connecting gt;gt; and I am having trouble putting together.

A tutorial gt;gt; keeping my thoughts together because gt;gt; there is so many gt;gt; there is so much different information on the internet gt;gt; when you go to find a sound source for purchasing vitamins gt;gt; um you find out that there is so many different ideas and different sources gt;gt; with different information and gt;gt; um gt;gt; and it is like they are gt;gt; we are being crisscrossed gt;gt; and confused about things that we wish they were more simple gt;gt; many people have motivations gt;gt; behind their websites gt;gt; sometimes they want to sell you a product gt;gt; sometimes.

They want to steer you away from traditional medicine and keep your mind away from um um supplements and it’s um so it is hard to distinguish what is good, and what is true and what is sound information, and the purpose of my magazine, what I do for a living is to find these different articles and put them together to give you all the access you can, on one page, regarding different supplements and that is what I a researching today is supplements use. But what I came across on Utopia Silver Supplements was a.

Product that i thought about some time ago called dmso these are new ear phones and I have to get used to them, it bothers my ear. I will switch to another soon. However, anyway since I came across this article about DMSO I thought that I would talk a little bit about it and then connect it to what I have on my web page on my magazine Your Health And Tech Friend gt;gt; one page is called gt;gt; Help For Cancer gt;gt; And I have a whole topic of cancer, and index of topics about cancer gt;gt; different people who have Beat Their Cancer gt;gt; With.

Different different in different ways. gt;gt; body inflammation is a way for you to track you cancer gt;gt; to see if it’s un gt;gt; it’s on coming gt;gt; or to see if it is going away. One woman is keeping her cancer away by keeping track of her body inflammation. And I have information on that gt;gt; but on my page called MMS Cancer Help gt;gt; MMS Explained, I mention the product DMSO as well as the product called MMS gt;gt; and I want to make gt;gt; uh too gt;gt; I want to make this clear and easy to understand with this tutorial gt;gt; and then I put the tutorials on You.

Tube and i place them on my web page gt;gt; so you can read my magazine or you can listen to a tutorial of what is on that page gt;gt; and with regard to this page in particular gt;gt; it mentions MMS which is Miracle Mineral Supplement, which is Chlorine Dioxide, and if you are interested in the subject of cancer and you are looking in to Miracle Mineral Supplement with regard to DMSO, I have learned a little bit about it and I want to share with you and I found a supplier for it and I want to read about it gt;gt; breathes deeply.

So, on my pages you can read about the mms and it gets in to um combining it with dmso, and I know that you don’t have to combine it with DMSO. Any alternative supplements gt;gt; what I do is gt;gt; gather as much information about it as I can gt;gt; before thinking about using an alternative supplement and gt;gt; um gt;gt; what I am finding out about DMSO right now on this screen I would like to share it with you. You can buy an 8 ounce bottle, for example, of DMSO 99.99% purity of DMSO for $10.00 from Utopia Silver Supplements. gt;gt; Now.

One reason i started to make a tutorial right away was, that i trust utopia silver to have good supplements, I am finding out that there is additives and fillers in a lot of vitamin supplements, that not only cause them not to be absorbed in our bodies, and help us, gt;gt; but cause us to get disease, they contribute to disease, and dysfunction or malfunction of our body processes by storing, having them store in our body and cause problems for us, so I am going to be making a tutorial soon, on that. But with regard to DMSO I just want.

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