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Pain Treatment For Liver Cancer

Johns Hopkins Medicine Liver Cancer Patient Goes the Distance

You can recover from the pain of your surgery, but the sort of mental diagnosis of having cancer is, sort of, you deal with that, I think, every day. Running for me has always been and has become more of a kind of a mental therapy. This is probably my tenth marathon that I'm gonna run today. My name is Marvin Leventer. Four years ago I had intermittent abdominal pain. It seemed to be after eating certain foods I'd end up like I'd end up on the couch, crawled up in a ball in pain for hours.

So then after about the third and a little urging from my wife, she's like, well, maybe you should just go to the doctor. I ended up doing the biopsy. So the biopsy of my liver came back as liver cancer. And they were gonna do surgery for it and I figured, you know, I should get a second opinion and maybe a third opinion. So I went for a second opinion. You know, I knew Hopkins was kind of right here, so I went for my third opinion and I had to choose.

It was pretty clear to me that Doctor Pawlik was gonna be the best person, you know, out of all three. When I met Mr. Leventer he had been given the diagnosis of liver cancer. He actually had a neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas that had spread to his liver. This was very important because the therapy for Mr. Leventer now would substantially change based on this new diagnosis. Because of the extent of the disease Mr. Leventer would need two operations rather than one. We performed the first surgery and at that time I removed the entire right side of.

His liver and removed all of the disease in it. And then after about four to six weeks when Mr. Leventer had recovered from the first operation, I took him back to the operating room again. And at the time of the second surgery I removed all the residual disease in his left liver and then also performed the Whipple operation which involves removing part of the pancreas, the bile duct, and some of the small intestine. I had sort of a dream of mine was to do an ironman distance triathlon.

So I'm thinking, okay, I'm gonna get through all these, that's what I'm gonna do, but as soon as I can, I started walking, I started moving, and it took me a while, probably several months before I could run again. So my first marathon was about a year and a half afterwards. I did the Baltimore marathon. Mr. Leventer recovered quite well after the operation. As most patients do, after a few weeks' period of time people can get back to their normal routines. Clearly, Mr. Leventer is in outlier, he's running marathons, and doing ironman.

But I think he stands in as example that many patients who have major operations for cancer can expect not only to return to their normal activities but can expect to lead a fruitful and happy life after many of these operations. Life is actually better now than it was beforehand coz I look at the big picture and it's good and I run more, I swim more, I bike more. I'm probably physically healthier and better off I was before my surgery. Mentally, I'm better off. And so every day for me, everyday,.

Stage 4 Cancer Lung, Liver, Gallbladder NEVER GIVE UP!

My name is Edie Littlefield Sundby and for 6 years I have fought Stage IV gall bladder cancer. March 16 is my 6th year anniversary of beating back the cancer. To celebrate I have a dream to walk 800 miles along the old California Spanish Mission Trail to each of the old 21 Missions. I want to light a candle of gratitude and say a prayer of thanksgiving at each one. I love to walk. I believe walking has helped me stay alive. I started to walk the day I was told I was dying of cancer. Six years ago I was given.

About 3 months to live. I decided that wasn't long enough, and started to fight back. And I began to walk to stay alive. I've been walking ever since. Walking has got me through 6 years of chemotherapy, intensive radiation, and through surgery removing my left liver. Six months ago my upper right lung was removed. Ten days after lung surgery I walked excuse me, I crawled almost 4 miles. I am now cancer free and I hope and pray to stay that way. In March I will start walking the 800mile Mission Trail starting at Mission San Diego.

Cancer Killing Virus

There is new hope for people who have liver cancer. A group of Korean doctors has developed a new treatment for liver cancer that uses a virus and could eventually be used to treat other forms of cancer as well. Ji Myungkil reports. When 59yearold Jang Manseok was diagnosed with advancestage liver cancer in 2006, he underwent embolization therapy, which reduces blood flow to the liver and deprives cancer cells of nourishment. But it didn't have much effect. I was in pain for 24 hours. It really hurt and I wanted to die..

He later participated in a clinical trial for a new treatment that uses a genetically modified vaccine called vaccinia virus, which has also been used for smallpox. His tumor shrank. The therapy was developed by Dr. Hwang Taeho and Dr. Heo Jeong of Pusan National University Hospital. They conducted a fourweek clinical trial on 30 patients with advance stage liver cancer and the results indicate the vaccine could be a viable treatment for cancer. Their study, published Sunday, shows that sixteen patients who received high doses of the vaccine lived an average of 14 months versus roughly 6 months for the 14 low dose.

Receivers. This anticancer drug is genetically modified, so it's safer and is a thousand times more effective. Kim Changwon, a researcher on the team, said the treatment begins to shrink tumors less than a week after injection. After 8 weeks, tumors are reduced to half their size and after 38 weeks the tumors where annihilated. Before being treated, the tumor is seen in the veins. After treatment, the veins are tumorfree. The Korean researchers are working in tandem with Jennerex, a U.S. biotherapeutics company, and will continue to test the vaccine.

The Link Between Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer The Asian American Community

Music gtgt Chen The way I got involved in health disparities is I read an article, and in that article I learned that unlike U.S. populations, cancer's the leading cause of death for AsianAmericans. Everyone else's leading cause of death is heart disease. As an AsianAmerican, I then felt like it was my obligation to marry the twomy knowledge of cancer, my cultural background of AsianAmericans, and then to find ways to intersect and bring about an integration of knowledge of cancer health disparities so that we could achieve.

Behavioral outcomes. Hepatitis B induced liver cancer is our greatest cancer health disparity. The ratio of those with Hepatitis B among foreignborn Asians is 68.5 to 1 for U.S. born whites, and so there is no greater disparity than this. At the same time we recognize that Hepatitis B induced liver cancer is potentially avoidable. We do have a vaccine that's effective and is being applied from infancy through about age 20. That doesn't necessarily address the adults who missed the vaccination. We want to address this particular disparity, and we're very fortunate again.

To do that with NIH funding. AANCART stands for the AsianAmerican Network for Cancer Awareness, Research, and Training. We believe that our charge is to reduce the unique, unusual, and unnecessary cancer burden effecting Asian Americans. In our current research project, one of the things we're trying to do is to determine who has ever been tested for Hepatitis B, and when we ask our Asian patients and people, Have you ever been tested for Hepatitis B, and we show them on the arm, this is, you know, the test is normally done here,.

People say, Oh, TB. Well, we have learned through AANCART that if we could use our respective Asian languages, that our individuals, our target population is not hard to reach but rather hardly reached, and the more we can integrate and use Asian languages and use the cultural background and the appeals that we've learned growing up in the AsianAmerican community, the more effective we can be. It's important for the general population to know that disparities need to be reduced. The fact of the matter is that people of color,.

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