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Pain Treatment On Suboxone

Rock Bottom is a household concept. It’sthat place of devastation from which a person starts to recover from addiction.To break the death grasp of addiction, the person must be broken and becomevulnerable enough to accept help. Rock Bottom is reached when a person hasexperienced so much pain and loss that their drive to survive becomes evenstronger than their drive to use. The problem with the Rock Bottom approach to recovery is that many people die, go to prison, ruin their lives, or gravelyharm others as they search for a bottom that is hard enough to break theiraddiction. For some the bottom is

entirely elusive and they remainaddicted until their death. Often they cycle through treatment over and overagain but achieve no lasting recovery. With all other chronic illnesses we saythat treatment has failed when people don’t get well. When addiction treatmentis unsuccessful we throw up our hands and say things like: quot;He isn’t ready yetquot; orquot;She just doesn’t want to get well.quot; The Rock Bottom approach to recovery isstigmatizing and blaming. The premise of Medication Assisted Treatment is thattraditional treatment methods for addiction, such as individual and grouptherapy, are often inadequate to treat

severe addiction. They focus on thereasoning, thinking part of the brain but for many persons with addiction, thereasoning, thinking part of the brain cannot be engaged successfully untiltheir cravings are adequately managed. With wellmanaged cravings, previously ineffective treatment methods can become effective components of comprehensivecare. A person with addiction does not need to hit rock bottom to benefit fromanticraving medications. With their cravings wellmanaged, they can often see what they have to live for and make careful choices to protect what they holddear.

The FDA has approved three anticraving medications for alcohol dependence and three for opioiddependence. We will talk more about these medications in upcoming tutorials. If you have a question about mentalhealth or addiction that you’d like us to answer, leave a comment or visit us atplanyourrecovery . Thanks for watching.

Heroin Effects and Treatment Methadone Suboxone and Vivitrol

Heroin is a derivative of opium whichaffects the reward centers in the brain initially producing a rush of euphoriaand providing pain relief those effects are short lived, however,and a tolerance to the drug soon develops so people take it again and again ingreater and greater doses hoping to find that same rush. Withcontinued use a heroin user can expect a host of health issues

including a high risk for hepatitis Cand HIV, dental problems, chronic respiratoryillness, sexual impotence, skin issues, and depression. Heroin use isalso associated with higher risks of being incarcerated, being the victim of a violent crime andearly death But the powerfully addictive nature of heroin makes an addicted person carry on using the drug despite these effects and consequences it’s important to understand that thisaddiction becomes a medical condition

by changing the wiring of the brain. Buthelp is available. the first step is detoxification thiscan mean completely stopping all opiates or taking decreasing dosagesof longacting prescriptions to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Medically superviseddetox is more effective as well as less uncomfortable than going it alone. s can prescribemedicines to help ease the discomfort associated withwithdrawal from both heroin

and other substances often taken by heroin users this is usually done on an inpatientbasis ongoing medical maintenance is atriedandtrue approach to staying off heroin. Since the 1960s countless peoplehave found success through methadone which activates opioid receptors in thebrain but has a milder longer acting effect. This enables peopleto avoid withdrawal symptoms without heroin’s many negative effects due to the potential for abuse methadoneis only available by daily

visiting a specialized but newer medications that areformulated to reduce abuse potential are now available. these include Suboxone, which not only reduces withdrawal symptoms but also blocks the effects of injected opioids; and Vivitrol,which is given once a month by injection, is nonaddictive and non sedating andblocks the effects of opioids making heroin ineffective andunappealing. But medical therapies alone are rarely enough

the best approach includes behavioraltreatment to address underlying emotional and psychologicalissues that may have led to heroin use in the first place, along with issuesthat have developed due to heroin use. A support system ofrecovering people, family, friends and treatmentprofessionals is also essential to a lasting gratifying recovery. To learn more aboutheroin addiction treatment visit the Information Center at BlakeRecoveryCenter

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