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Digimon Medley Animenz Live 2016 in Beijing

So, we are nearing already the end of this concert but, as the last piece I want to play something very special. It’s because it’s dedicated to a very special person. From Digimon, it’s Kouji Wada, or in chinese: He Tian Guang Si and he has passed away this year. And I was very sad when I heard the news. I mean back in our childhood, we all remember the Digimon songs, they are almost legendary. When we listen to them, we are all like quot;ooh! quot;It’s so good! So many memories!quot;.

It’s . actually a part of. kind of. indescribable soul. yes, the soul of him (kouji wada) And therefore, I really miss his songs. And that’s the reason why as the last piece of today I am going to play a Digimon medley to remember Kouji Wada. so. thank you.

ASMR Lumino City When Life Gives You Lemons ASMR Gaming Lets Play 1

Luminin ASMR Let’s Plays Hello Luminaries. and welcome to the other side with Lumino City This game came out last night on Steam So I figure I’d give it a try, as the trailer intrigued me. It seems like a very peaceful game, and a lot of the audio cues seem very trigger worthy. With that being said, let’s give it a go and learn together, shall we? Enter Grandad’s house.

Now, as I was saying.there’s been some terrible trouble at the city. I think I’m going to need a cup of tea before I tell you. and I want to show you something. Give me a brief moment to look in my bookshelf. Would you be kind enough to go make the tea? Seems simple enough. Grandad is gone. The Handy Manual. seems useful. Ideas, sketches and how things work. We’ll take a look at that later. I guess we’re going to the city.

Oh wow. the color just popped to life. This appears to be our first puzzle. Let’s see what we can do here. OK, let’s see if we can restore power to Lumino City A strange puzzle with some scribbles on the lock here. There appears to be a sequence I must follow Oops, let’s try again. Bingo, that did the trick! What can I do from here.?.

Let’s try messing with the circuit board here. Looks very intimidating at first glance. I’d better not touch anything for now. It appears to be some sort of guide or diagram for the circuit board You can use lemons as a source of power. You know what they always say: When life hands you lemons. Maybe we can put some lemons here. Not quite strong enough to bend that rod.

Not the switch I’m looking for. The name of the camera effect is eluding me right now, but it’s very reminiscent of games like Monument Valley. Something things are all about perspective Let’s see if I can click all of the positive switches Not quite sure what to make of this diagram Oh wow, grandpa’s manual has quite a few pages Really like the sound of running my fingers through the manual here. Let’s go back to the front.

No, nothing up here. So the only things to play with at the moment. are the circuit board and the metal rod. What do you know. speaking of lemons. Standard polarity configuration for the lemonpowered box OK, let’s attempt to emulate this layout. Let’s knock out the easy ones first. Ah, I see now. there we go. The placement of the lemons was a little bit off.

Let it be known here that the source of Lumino City’s power. comes from a batch of lemons! Let’s try the switch one more time. Can’t enter through the main gate. perhaps. I see now. It’s a little bit risky, but I’ll take the chance Well guys. that’s going to do it for this installment of Lumino City. My name is Luminin. and I will see you. on the other side.

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