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Peripheral Nerve Injury Classification

How A Neurologist Can Help If You Think You Have Nerve Damage From Your Surgery

Hello. I am Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Marcus Boston and I would like to Talk with you today about An issue which came up about A potential client who Contacted my office last week Regarding an issue of possible Nerve damage Now in a lot of These cases individuals who Think that they have some type Of nerve damage as a result of A surgery are really not sure What is the next step of the Process If you are watching This tutorial right now you may Have these same questions, what.

I would ask you to do is speak with you doctor and see if your Doctor will give you a referral To see a neurologist and the Reason why this is important is Because a neurologist will be Able to help you understand Whether you have nerve damage The extent of the nerve damage And things of that nature In Addition to that, your neurologist Can give you specific test to help Determine what is going on in your Case so why have I taken this quick Moment today to educate you on this.

And to explain this well the reason Why is because chances are if you are Watching this tutorial right now you have QUestions you are wondering whether Your nerve damage as a result of your Surgery is possible medical malpractice Here in Maryland here is what I invite You to do pick up the phone and give us A call I can be reached at 3018504832 Or if you would prefer to send me an Email first initially go ahead and send Me an email to medicalinjurybostonlawllc We answer questions like yours all of.

The time and we would be glad to hear Your story also if you are watching This tutorial right now on take a Quick moment to like the tutorial and Subscribe to our channel by Liking the tutorial what you do is you Help other people who are on the internet Just like you find the answers to the questions That they have and if you subscribe to our channel you will be alerted as soon As we upload helpful content just like what You are watching today we have over 250 tutorials.

Got Celiac Disease Watch Your Nerves

Celiac disease patients may need to watch more than just what they eat when it comes to their health. They may need to watch the health of their nerves, too. I'm Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A new study found that patients with celiac disease were two and a half times more likely to develop neuropathy, that's nerve damage, than people who did not have the autoimmune digestive disorder. Patients with neuropathy typically have weakness, numbness or pain in their extremities. While the cause of nerve damage in celiac patients was unclear, the.

Brittany deRonde Nerve regeneration using polymers

Music playing Brittany deRonde I work with Salicylic acid based polymers and generally speaking, polymers are referred to as plastics, and in this case, we use Salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in Aspirin, and we use them to make polymers that can be used for stents and steno coatings, pretty much our polymers break down over time and they release the Salicylic acid right where the implant is put into the body so that it relieves inflammation right at the source, and it alleviates having to take aspiring or other pain relievers.

The polymers that I synthesize, I use to make nerve guidance conduits, and the nerve guidance conduits are essentially the hollowed tubes made out of our polymers and we are trying to grow nerves in them to help repair nerve damage, specifically spinal cord injury. Pretty much the tube surrounds where the nerves would grow and creates an isolated environment where you can limit the exposure to toxins that would hinder their growth and also hopefully they'd be small enough to help guide them to reconnect. I work for Dr. Kathryn Uhrich.

In the Chemistry department, and I got involved in her research through the Douglass Project through a program called Project Super, which is for Rutgers women in math, science, and engineering. I took a class in the Spring in my freshman year called introduction to scientific research or as the University calls it, ISR for short, and that class gave me research experience in mechanical and aerospace engineering. It was meant to introduce us into a lab so that we'd have lab experience that would hopefully make us more appealing to faculty at the University. Dr. Uhrich contacted Project Super and was looking for undergraduates.

To do research. She was looking for some Chemistry majors and I really liked her research, so that's how I got started. The first thing I d when I go into a lab is I have to synthesize my starting materials in order to make the polymers, so pretty much we react Methyl salicylate also known as winter green oil. If you've ever had wintergreen gum, Methyl salicylate is what gives it the winter green flavor. We react the Methyl salicylate with a linker molecule to obtain our dialed, which is a repeat unit in the polymer. We then heat the.

Starting materials in a temperature controlled oil bath and stir the polymer. We use low vacuum to help drive off the side products and help yield the polymer with higher molecular weight. If you're looking to do undergraduate research and you're a first year you can contact the Aresty REsearch Center and if you're a female Rutgers student you can also try the Douglass Project and Project Super. What I learned about, from my research experience is that I really like to work on the projects that have Biomedical applications. I put so.

Gluten Sensitivity and the Brain

It seems to surprise a lot of people that gluten sensitivity can actually affect the brain in many different ways. Let's take a look at that in depth. There's a very intense researcher in England named Doctor Marios Hadjivassiliou, intense in that he's all over this idea that gluten sensitivity can be a neurological problem. And as he published in the journal Lancet Neurology, his quote, most patients who present with neurological manifestations of gluten sensitivity may have no gastrointestinal symptoms, which means that just because a person doesn't have a bowl problemupset stomach, diarrhea,.

Constipation, abdominal paindoesn't necessarily mean they couldn't have gluten sensitivity as an explanation for their brain troubles. And what sorts of brain troubles can be associated with gluten sensitivity Let's take a look. We now know that cognitive impairment, including dementia, can be associated with being sensitive to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barely and rye. As can be depression, headaches, even movement disorders, ADHD and even pain. It's important to consider that gluten sensitivity may explain things that don't have anything to do with the gut. You've got to keep an open mind. Consider gluten sensitivity. As.

Neurology Nerve Damage And Regeneration

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Nerve Injury ,types. Nerve Recovery Everything You Need To Know Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

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Peripheral Nerve Injury 01..

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