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Peripheral Nerve Injury Incidence

Cyst Removal Leads to Permanent Nerve Damage Cleveland Attorney Will Eadie Explains

Let me tell you about a brick lawyer who went in for surgery to have a cyst removed from his wrist and ended up having permanent nerve injury. And the doctor wouldn't take responsibility for that mistake. Hi. I'm Will Eadie. I'm an Ohio medical malpractice attorney. This brick lawyer went in for optional surgery. He had a cyst he'd had it for years. And it didn't bother him that much but he decided to go in and have an optional surgery. The surgeon went in found that it was a different kind of cyst than they thought it was. And.

Instead of stopping the surgery, instead of making sure that this person wanted the surgery to move forward, he decided to just remove it anyways. We used the medical records and a medical expert to show that surgeon should not have gone ahead with that surgery without higher magnification eyepieces or loops. He wasn't able to see the difference between the cyst and the nerves and he ended up cutting the nerves. But he wouldn't take responsibility for it. We had to file suit to help our client get compensation for an injury that never.

Tingling, Burning, or Numbness in the Feet and Ankles

If you're watching this tutorial, you're probably experiencing either tingling, burning, or numbness in your feet and ankles. Often, this begins with the forefoot and extends up to the ankles in a stocking effect. You may also be experiencing shooting pains and loss of balance. If so, you have a condition we call peripheral neuropathy. Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Parker, cofounder and fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. I have special training by Johns Hopkins' Lee Dellen in nerve surgery for over a decade now. Did you know that there are over a hundred different kinds of peripheral neuropathies,.

And you may be prone to developing this condition, especially if you're diabetic In my practice I will first perform an extensive and thorough lower extremity history and physical examination. We may perform a simple skin biopsy, which can help us determine whether you have a small fiber neruopathy or a large fiber neuropathy. We may perform a spectrocell test to determine if you have a deficiency which allows us to better diagnose and effectively treat your condition. We have, what call, our Star Wars Treatments , including the new robotic MLS.

Is Your Hip Implant Making You Suffer New York Attorney Dan Burke

You've had a hip replacement or a knee replacement that needs to be replaced again or revised. What do you need to do and what steps do you need to take to ensure that any evidence that can be used in a potential lawsuit be preserved My name is Dan Burke and I'm a lawyer at Parker Waichman in New York and I deal with questions like this all the time. Typically, when a hip replacement or knee replacement is scheduled, you know in advance who your physician is going to be and what hospital or facility the surgery is going to take place.

In. It's important in lawsuits like this that the knee joint itself, or the hip joint itself, and surrounding tissue be preserved. And by preserved I mean it needs to be collected from the doctor and from the facility, bagged and preserved with the appropriate solution so that that tissue and bone and implant and the materials surrounding the implant doesn't get damaged. How do you affect that as a consumer, as a patient who's going to see the doctor Well, it's something you can do on your own and ask that the doctor preserve the device.

For you and ask the facility preserve the device for you. But if you are going to pursue a lawsuit, it's better that you have your attorney take those steps for you. In certain litigations such as the DePuy ASR hip implant litigation which concerns a particular type of hip implant that was recalled in August of 2010, the court actually has a protocol for how these devices are to be preserved. And there are a number of steps that we request that physicians take and hospitals take to preserve the material properly, in the event.

That this stuff needs to be used as evidence somewhere down the line at trial. What we will typically do is send a letter by fax or send a letter by and send a letter by mail both to facility, the surgeon who's going to be revising your implant, and asked that they preserve this material in a particular way. Then we typically have a third party, a company that we hire, who stores the material in a facility where it's protected and it can also make sure that the chain of evidence and the chain of custody of the evidence is.

The Gravity of Weak Muscles

We may think weak muscles can be fixedby hitting the gym, but for people with a disease called myasthenia gravis, weak muscles are a harder problem to solve. I'm Jennifer Dodd and this is a daily rx minute. The term myastheniagravismeans grave muscle weakness and the condition can affect a wide range of muscles in the body. June is Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month and organizers are aiming to increase awareness and understanding of thedisease. Speak to a doctor if you notice weakness in your muscles. For Daily RX TV, I'm Jennifer Dodd.

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