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Peripheral Neuropathy Statistics

Lyrica pregabalin Side Effects and Dosing

Hello and welcome to TutorialScript , presented by Drugs. Today in the second of three presentations, we continue reviewing Lyrica, and information about it's dosing and side effects. Effective doses for Lyrica will vary for each patient. Lyrica comes in a capsule and is taken by mouth. It is FDAapproved for use in adults, but not children. Lyrica is usually taken in 2 or 3 doses per day. It may be taken with or without food. Higher doses may result in greater side effects, so Lyrica treatment is often started at a.

Lower dose, and slowly increased over a week. Common side effects reported with Lyrica include dizziness and drowsiness blurred vision weight gain or swelling and dry mouth Serious, but uncommon or rare side effects may include allergic reactions angioedema thoughts of suicide and swelling in the hands, legs, and feet that may be worsened if certain diabetes drugs are taken in combination with Lyrica. Angioedema is a swelling of the face, mouth and neck that may interfere with breathing. If this should occur, patients should stop taking Lyrica immediately and seek emergency.

Cervical Foraminal Stenosis and Nerve Compression Neck Pain Colorado Spine Surgeon

A part of the cervical spine or neck that is important is the uncovertebral joint and that is this little triangular outcropping of bone right here this point as we get older starts to enlarge and push against this point and that creates a spur the spur can live right in this area and of course that spur is right where the nerve root exits and therefore that spur can compress a nerve root and it's quite a common problem for patients with neck shoulder and arm pain these are actual cervical vertebra.

Gene variant identified as a heart disease risk factor for women

This is all about why it is that women have heart disease we used to think that women live longer than men, heart disease wasn't a problem. We know that's not true. Women, especially after menopause, are very likely to have heart disease, more likely to die of heart disease, and less likely to have good care, or optimal care related to their heart disease. The importance of our work is I think we're starting to open the door on the genetics of heart disease in women and it's all about.

This receptor, GPER. Where our work has been important to identify that activation of this receptor was known to be associated with lowering blood pressure. What we found is that common variation in the gene for this receptor when expressed in women translates into both higher blood pressure and that women presenting to a high blood pressure clinic are more likely to be carrying this gene. So we think it's a risk factor for the development of high blood pressure which is the major risk factor in the development of heart disease.

Dr. Gossetts CuttingEdge Approach To Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Gossetts CuttingEdge Approach To Peripheral Neuropathy,Have you been diagosed with Neuropathy, And despite all the best efforts up until now, the sames, or worsening How you been told there is nothing else to be..

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American Teenagers Are Dying At An Alarming Rate

American Teenagers Are Dying At An Alarming Rate,American Teenagers are dying at an alarming rate thejoelarchive Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show discussing new reports that indicate white middle..

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Prevalence Of Hypertension In Diabetes..

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