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Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis Treatment

Infective Keratitis

This presentation is on infective keratitis. Infective keratitis is a common sight threatening condition encountered by ophthalmologists.

In the acute setting. A wide variety of pathogens and host responses may be involved. Prompt diagnosis and management is required to prevent significant ocular morbidity and visual loss.

The spectrum of infective keratitis includes bacteria, fungal, parasital, and viral keratitis. For assessment, we begin with history taking.

The symptoms of infective keratitis include an acute red eye, pain, tearing, photophobia, discharge, and blurring of vision. You should note the onset and duration of symptoms. And some cases.

Of the infective keratitis may present insidiously. The risk factors for infective keratitis may be divided into ocular or systemic risk factors. Ocular risk factors include.

Trauma, contact lens use, Iatrogenic causes, poor cooler surface, or lid disease. Systemic risk factors include immunosuppression or nutritional cause. In examination, we should always.

Include the visual acuity and characteristics of the infective lesion. You should note whether the lesion is single or multiple, the signs of the infiltrate and associated epithelial defect,.

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