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Welcome to health care to home In our previous episode we were talking about burning feet means the burning in feet (Pairo mein jalan ) due to that some people face lots of problem So, for that we we are talking about the remedies See, home remedies are the best way out to solve this problem.

Wake up in the morning, go to the near by park at your house but you have to go early morning The grass in the park which has some light drops of water on them Remove your foot wears or slipper whatever you are wearing walk bare foot for 10 minutes on the grass. and you will notice that within few days the problem of burning feet will be solved. Along with this you have to take care of one thing.

That do not consume alcohol along with consume 3 liters of water. don’t let your body dehydrate, if the body gets dehydrate. even then this problem increase. Along with do not consume the cold drinks as it dehydrate the body Bitter gourd works wonder in this if you got leaves of bitter gourd available then make the paste of leaves of bitter gourd apply it on the area of feet where you have burning.

And you will notice that with in 1520 days problem of your burning feet will be solved. Along with this to get your body’s PH level on appropriate level, take apple cider vinegar Put 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water consume this water, this will maintain the level of PH level in your body. with this also you will get relief.

Along with this you can do one thing, in a tub of water put 1 bowl of rock salt. And you can also add 1 bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar after adding both these ingredients. after that soak your feet in this water for almost 20 minutes. What does this hot formation do, due to this heat the blood vessel expands and the flow of blood become increases. so, once the flow of blood increase.

And the problem of burning feet due to poor blood circulation, this will solve. And you will notice that you will sleep calmly without the burning feet. Along with this take care of one thing that due to deficiency Vitamin B1, B3 also feet are burns So, for that what you can do is, you can take corn, curd and consume them What all season vegetables are available, consume them Consume green leafy vegetables as you get all the vitamins.

And when your body get all the vitamins Then the body gets proper nutrients you will start getting relief in such problems Along with this do one more thing Soak 5 almonds for over night next morning eat those almonds by chewing them well After that you can consume either water or milk And you will notice that your problem will be solved.

Along with doing pranayama is necessary And in pranayama do Anuloma Viloma specifically What does AnulomaViloma do, it solves the problem of blood circulation of the body With this the proper blood circulation being in your body once it is done Then the problem of burning feet will be solved So, you must to Anuloma Vimola pranayama for 15 minutes.

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