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Treating Neuropathy With Light

Dr Ryan discusses how Laser Light Therapy can be used to treat injuries such as tennis elbow

And we are back to talk a little about the therapeutic benefits of the laser. This class 4 diode laser that we have at our clinic. On a specific type of injure that we treat frequently here in the clinic That would be tinnes elbow. So there are multiple muscles and ligaments through the elbow With chiropractic care yes we are improving mobility and motion of the joint at the elbow. Also working on the soft tissues specifically with the laser. So the laser is complementing the chiropractic care that we do with our patients here.

The laser is working on the soft tissue injury. With tennis elbow there is repetitive micro tering or micro trauma to the soft tissue and muscle around the forearm.specifically on the back of the forearm the laser we use to work specifically around that elbow and the soft tissues to speed up healing, help inflammation, and complement the chiropractic care that we have done. getting that joint to move better and the nerves to fire better to improve range of motion decrease swelling and inflammation The laser is complementing that therapy.

How to Treat Chronic Fatigue Light Treatments to Reduce Fatigue Symptoms

DR. SUSAN JEWELL Hello. My name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village today, I'm going to talk to you about how to recognize fatigue and how to reduce the symptoms of fatigue. Now, in this clip, we're going to talk about lighting. Because lighting from studies have shownhas beneficial or detrimental effects on the body and thus causing or reducing or increasing the symptoms of fatigue. Now, if studies have shown that fluorescent light versus natural light causes a person to be more prone to getting fatigue of the body,.

Maybe it's because of the energy, the frequency of the fluorescent light as emanating from the lighting. Now, also the amount of exposure to natural sunlight and artificial light, so if you have long periods in darkness then you're going to be prone to getting not just fatigue, but also depression and lethargy and apathy, but if you go into sunlight then that prevents that from happening, and it's been shown that there's a hormonal basis that is contributing to this effect, and that is the hormone thata substance in the body.

That naturally is made called melatonin. Now, when there's low levels of melatonin in the bodymelatonin is produced by the gland in the brain called the pituitary gland. When there's low melatonin, then a person's more prone to getting fatigue, lethargy, apathy, and amotivational behaviors. And also studies have shown certain frequencies or light colors from the spectrum is good or not good for reducing or increasing the symptoms of fatigue like red and green has shown to be very good to maintain the energy level of a person. So, lighting is very important contributing factors to fatigue.

Trelle, Optic Nerve Atrophy Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

It was an emotional adventure for my daughter and myself She has always been a strong person, before she lost her vision and even after. My name is Trelle Dandridge and I'm from Galveston, Texas in the United States and I have optic nerve atrophy from a head trauma in a car accident and I lost my vision slowly over the course of about ten years starting with my peripheral vision and then ending with my central vision. There were no prior treatments in my country and there has never been anything available.

For what happened to me. Which is why I started researching what was available elsewhere. I found out about Beike Biotech by researching on the internet and this was the first option that was presented to me that actually seemed like a viable one. I have had two sets of stem cell injections now one in China and one here in Thailand. After receiving stem cell treatment in China, I started noticing increased light perception, which was big for me, and I did have a neuroophthalmologist that measured the growth of my nerves before and after.

He was able to measure optic nerve tissue growth in both of my optic nerves. Stem cell treatment here at Better Being has definitely enhanced and will continued to enhance the stem cells' viability over time. The most significant part of the treatment plan, I feel has been the comprehensive part of being here at Better Being. I like the holistic approach, where they focus on nutrition, they focus on exercise, they focus on the hyperbaric chamber. The holistic approach here has been such a better experience. They provide the stem cells with a healthy environment for them to help live as long.

As they can and to continue to regenerate as much as they can. The staff and the doctors are very compassionate. I've enjoyed my stay here. The program is very comprehensive. And you feel like you can go home and actually continue doing the things you were taught here. I would say that it's definitely worth a shot. When you see changes that affect vision, then it's a good thing. I am very fortune that I was part of this with my daughter and I just look forward to following the changes in her and I'm very blessed for the people that we have met on.

Chronic Coughing Possible causes and treatment

Chronic coughing is defined as coughing on a daily basis for three weeks or longer. And in smokers, they cough every day and that's a pretty common complaint. But if it's a nonsmoker, coughing that lasts longer than three weeks in duration is probably asthma, heartburn or postnasal drip. And it's interesting because if someone does not smoke cigarettes and they have a normal chest xray, there are really only three possible causes of this chronic coughing. About 50 percent of the time it's asthma that hasn't been diagnosed yet. So.

If you're just flipping a coin, 50 percent of the time, you'll be right in treating it for asthma. But the other 50 percent are made up of postnasal drip, which is particularly common in older folks above the age of 60, and then the real booger in all this is the, the reflux or heartburn can cause coughing. It's frustrating because the heartburn can be totally asymptomatic and yet the person can be coughing because of reflux. To get the symptom we all know and love as reflux or heartburn you need a whole cup of acid in your esophagus or swallowing.

Tube to cough you only need a teaspoon full. So, but cough chronic coughing with a normal xray in a nonsmoker is never an infection. So antibiotics are usually fairly useless. When we evaluate someone for chronic cough, the first question I give them is make sure their xrays are normal but the first question is, are there any history of childhood asthma or allergies Because it is so common. If there is and sometimes even if there isn't, I will initiate asthma therapy because that will almost immediately take the coughing.

Dr Ryan introduces the Clinics Newest Service Laser Light Therapy

Hello I am Dr Ryan with Kambeitz Chiropractic. I would like to introduce to you the newest device for treating soft tissue injuries here in the clinic. This is a class 4 diode laser. So it is laser light therapy. We are using the laser light over the areas that need to be treated. Basically to accelerate the tissue healing in those areas at a cellular level. So lets say I am using this laser.It is not on currently but if i were using it on my wrist I would use the laser directly on the skin to creat a effect.

At a cellular level again We are helping with inflammation, improving fat drainage, circulation, and pain management as well. A lot of times our patients can experience a noticeable difference in their symptoms after one treatment. Sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 before a patient might notice a difference. Everyone is a little different but we seem to get the best results from this laser if we put people on a tretment plan. When visits well be more frequent throughout the week. So the screen here is where we can adjust the intensity of the laser.

Depending on the area of the body we are using the laser on We would increase the wattage if I was working on a larger area of the body like a hip or knee. If I am using it on a hand i am going to decrease the intensity of the laser But this laser has the ability to penetrate the skin as much as 3.5 inches. Which is good to be able to give a therapeutic effect at that depth. If you have any questions or comments feel free to make those on this tutorial.

Cold Numb Burning Feet Neuropathy Relief .TheVillagesNeuropathy

When you originally presented to the office, you presented with cold, numb, and burning feet due to neuropathy. Yes I did. We managed you here with the Davis neuropathy program, how are you feeling today and what's been your experience in the office I'd say I'm almost one hundred percent better. It's probably an 8 or a 9 but I call it a hundred percent because I feel so great. How were you doing before you found the office here, what was it like dealing with neuropathy No sleep, I couldn't walk very far. Now I can walk,.

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