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Treatment For Neuropathy Headache Chiropractic In Louisville Ky

Hi, i’m patrick lowe with lowe chiropractic offices, we have two locations in louisville Kentucky. One on the east end, one on the west end. And we’re here today to talk about a question that that asked was once or twice maybe three times a week when I came in with mid back pain and suddenly by Athsma started doing better. or I came in with low back pain or mid back pain that start like an end and with low back pain and I had acid reflux that was awful. And now its doing a lot better. How is it, that that works?.

I’m going to show you that today. the nerves start up in your brain, they come down through your spinal cord and go out to every organ of the body It’s a principal in chiropractic and medicine that nerves control everything that happens If the spinal cord gets severed nothing functions right below that. As we come down, we see that the upper back comes across to the heart and the lungs paperback comes across the heart longs.

It can effect athsma, it can affect rapid heart rate. what we call Tachycardia. The mid back comes across to the stomach, it can effect acid reflux or indigestion. And the low back comes across to the colon, it can effect constipation/diarreah. It can effect menstrual problems in women, bladder problems. All of these problems are effected because the body’s not functioning the way it should.

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