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Trigeminal Nerve Neuropathy In Dogs

hello, and welcome to another episode of feel this pain. I’m Ken McKim, and today we are talking about trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is a disorder that’s characterized by episodes of intense facial pain. And these episodes can last from a few seconds.

To a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. And you can have hundreds of them throughout the day. Now this is all happening because of damage to something called the trigeminal nerve, which looks like this. Now, the trigeminal nerve is a cranial nerve.

That is responsible for you being able to discern sensations anywhere on your face above the jawline. What kind of sensations? Well, a sensation of pressure on your face, of variances in temperature, and, of course, pain.

What happens is that there is a protective coating around the trigeminal nerve called the myelin sheath. And if this myelin sheath is damaged or compromised in any way, well that’s when things start to get real. So what does it feel like?.

Well, imagine if you had an exposed nerve in your tooth. You know how that happens. Get an injury to the tooth or a cavity, and the nerve’s exposed. And try as you might, you try to chew carefully,.

But sometimes a bit of food will touch that nerve, and you’ll scream. And the people in the same room with you think you’re being murdered with an ax. Yeah, that kind of pain, just randomly throughout the day. Then again, nerve pain’s kind of hard to picture, right?.

So, what else can we liken it to? Puncture wounds, there we go. Imagine if someone came up to you with an ice pick and poked holes in your face. Like this guy. Or took a knife to you.

And slashed open your face, like this woman. Starting to get how this might feel? Now imagine how disruptive this disorder is to the people who have it. Remember, each bout of pain can last for a few seconds.

Feel This Pain S3E7 Sjgrens

hello and welcome to another edition of feel this pain. I’m Ken McKim and tonight we’re going to be talking a little bit about something known as Sjgrens disease. Now, if you were to do a cursory Google search on Sjgrens, you might come away thinking, Oh, it’s no big deal.

It’s just dry mouth and dry eyes, right? It’s much more than that. Sjgrens is an autoimmune disease that causes your lymphocytes to attack your exocrine glands, which are responsible for producing moisture in the eyes, mouth and other tissues.

It is much more than just a syndrome that makes your mouth dry and your eyes gritty. Now, many patients experience dry eyes and dry mouth, but also fatigue and joint pain, because of the inflammation that Sjgrens can cause. A dry mouth is not a benign thing to have.

Think about it. Without saliva you don’t digest food as well, because saliva is the first step in the digestion process. Also without saliva production, your teeth are almost guaranteed to decay, and you are much more prone to oral infections.

What is sjgrens? There are basically two types of Sjogren’s. Primary, where it occurs on its own and Secondary, where it appears with another autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Sjgrens can affect the nervous system, resulting.

In peripheral neuropathy, which is damage to the nerves in the arms and the legs, which causes pain, numbness and weakness or Cranial Neuropathy, which is the same thing in your face, with a loss of taste and smell, on top of it. It can also affect the kidneys with Glomerulonephritis,.

Which is the inflammation of the kidney’s filter, resulting in Edema, blood in urine, and reduction in the amount of urine produced. Sounds fun, right? No. Sjgrens can also affect the lungs, inflaming the.

Air sacs causing them to thicken and scar, which can make breathing very difficult. Are there treatments? Well, of course there are. It’s an incurable condition, but you can treat the symptoms.

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