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Ulnar Neuropathy In Diabetes

Hi, my name is Terry Zachary and I amthe developer of the Handmaster Plus Hand Exercise System. Today, I want to talk toyou about rehabilitation applications in cases of Diabetes, Stroke Rehabilitation and alsoArthritis. Obviously, the conditions are very different but the application for HandmasterPlus is very very similar. So I want to talk about all three together. Now first thing that I want to tell you isthat the Handmaster Plus was originally developed to help athletes and people in the work place in situations like that. It’s more of a muscular balance application.

With Diabetes, Stroke and Arthritis obviously,that is going to be a little bit less of an invasive exercise that we want. And when wetook. when we originally used it 8 about years ago. when we originally used our sportsapplication on one of my patients who have had a stroke, she was not able to do it. Sothat is when we changed our materials and made a soft material which could help peoplethat have had this more invasive situations. There is three benefits to using the HandmasterPlus: First of all, because the hands moves throughits full natural range of motions through the exercise. It’s going to stimulate allthree peripheral nerves to the hand. It stimulates

the Ulnar Nerve and the Median Nerve justlike any other grip product would. But because it strengthens muscles that open the handand also stimulates the Radial Nerve, it stimulates all three peripheral nerves because the handmoves through its full natural range of motion during the exercise. It also allows blood flow to all the jointsurfaces and all the muscle tissues. So blood flow is the second thing that we have maximizedwith Handmaster Plus. So that will be. that will challenge any hand exercise product becauseof how full we can move the hand. And then third thing that we are looking todo, is we are looking to stimulate muscle

tone in the balanced formation. Okay? Again,if I was just to take the ball and squeeze it, I would only strengthen nine muscles thatclose the hand. Handmaster Plus strengthens the nine muscles that close the hand as wellas the nine muscles that open the hand. And using this soft product in this more uninvasiverehabilitation situations, you won’t stimulate maximum muscle tone. You are just going tostart to build some muscle tone but it will be a balanced fashion. Okay? The big deal about the Handmaster Plus foryourself to use or for your patients to use is that one exercise stimulates all eighteenmuscles and allows the hand and ball to move

through its full natural range of motion. And before we developed the Handmaster Plus,we would have to use three or four different exercises. And when that happens, the patientsdon’t remember them. It’s too inconvenient and they won’t comply. So, this is Handmaster Plus and it is thesoft, it’s got a blue colored ball, yellow cords. And slip the thumb loop on the thumb,the finger loops on the fingers. And all the instructions are inside of the packaging. It’s very easy to figure out how to use it.Very simply, the only thing that the patient

has to remember is to keep the wrist straight.And after that, you are just going to squeeze against the ball for the count of one, openand spread through the count of one. Squeeze, open and spread. That is all you have to remember. It has got a very nice feel to it. It’s avery enjoyable exercise. There is no reason not to do it. And there is no reason thatyour patients won’t comply to it. Okay? So that’s how we keep that muscle tone in thebalance. Okay. Which is a real problem with hand exercising.Most people will only strengthen the muscles that close the hand. So we have accomplishedthat all in this very uninvasive product because

Is It Possible To Drink TOO Much Water Dolan Life Mysteries

• From why you have a belly button to wherehiccups come from, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about the human body• Hey there, my name is Shima, I’ll be reading out the questions and answers• I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow your mind with truth10 – Why do I have a belly button? , • When you get older, you’ll be hidingthings inside your belly button to sneak through airports – usually deodorant, toilet paperand bottles of water – don’t try to hide one of your friends in there though, securitycan always tell • The belly button is where the umbilicalcord, the tube that connected a baby to their

mother, used to be to give the baby food andoxygen to live. After a baby is born, the cord is cut and eventually turns into a bellybutton! 9 – Where does blood come from? ,• The more important questions is: where do teachers get the ink for their red pens?And what happened to that kid who kept getting detention but one day did something so badthat he never came back? Pay attention in class, or one day you might find a littlenote from your teacher, and she’ll let you know EXACTLY where blood comes from• Blood carries oxygen and nutrients all over the body and is made up of red cells,white cells, and plasma. Plasma is mostly

water but the red and white cells are madein the marrow of bones, the liver, spleen, and parts of the body called the thymus glandand lymph nodes. 8 – What’s a “Funny Bone?â€� ,• This is the part of your body that makes you laugh when someone tells a really goodjoke, you also use when to replying to a funny message from one of your friendsLOL, I AM LITERALLY ON THE GROUND LAUGHING, HA – HA, THAT ROFLS MY WAFFLES• That weird feeling when you hit your elbow is why it’s called a “funny bone,â€� butit’s not a bone at all! It’s actually a nerve called the ulnar nerve—it controls the feelingin your 4th and 5th fingers and also helps

to control the movement in your wrist.7 – What are “butterflies in your stomach?â€� ,• It’s an alarm system in your body that lets you know that girl you kinda sorta maybelike a little bit is actually a demonic soul wrenching alien wearing a mask, and that youshould let that legendary hero disguised as the cool kid ask her out to the movies beforeyou do – to protect you, of course • Butterflies in the stomach are just nervous,fluttery feelings you might feel before a big test or before talking in front a largegroup of people. These feelings in your tummy are perfectly normal and some people evenbelieve that they actually make you perform

better by keeping you on your toes.6 – What causes hiccups? , • Every hiccup you do means you’ve lostone day of your life, so if you hiccup regularly it means you don’t have much longer on thisworld, so you should do squats to make your number of days left go back up again – it’sjust that easy • Hiccups come from when the diaphragm,the muscle that controls your breathing, becomes irritated and moves jerkily, like after eatingtoo much or too fast. The sudden rush of air hits your voice box and results in a hiccup.5 – Why do people need sleep? , • It’s for the same reason why you brushyour teeth – if you don’t sleep, your

brain will get covered by plaque, turn yellowand eventually rot away until there’s nothing left, then you’ll have to get a fake brainput in just to work out what 2 + 2 is • Sleep is vital for your body in orderto rest and allow for it to prepare for the next day. During this time, your brain replaceschemicals, sorts and stores information from the day, and solves problems. Without sleep,you’ll become clumsy and cranky or even get sick!4 – Why do we need to breathe air to live? ,• Pfft, only nooblets breathe air – are you a NOOBLET? Real men develop GILLS on theside of their neck in order to breathe fire,

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