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What is spinal stenosis Laser Spine Institute

My name is Stefan Prada. I’m one of the orthopedic spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute. I’m going to discuss spinal stenosis and its ramifications. Spinal stenosis is, by definition, narrowing of the spinal canal. This is your typical lumbar, or low back. Through the middle of the lumbar spine runs the spinal cord. Inside the cord are the nerves. These areas can be pinched as the spinal canal narrows. Spinal stenosis can be caused by various things as we age. Bone spurs Thickening of the ligament Bulging or herniated discs Cysts growing from facet joints.

Arthritis And inflammation When it reaches a certain point of narrowness then you, as the patient, would begin to experience symptoms. These symptoms can include: Pain Numbness Tingling Weakness in the legs Pain in the back Generally, treatment for spinal stenosis can start with something conservative. Some patients benefit from traction, or inversion tables, chiropractor, physical therapy, antiinflammatory.

Medications or even epidural steroids that they can get a period of relief or some level of improvement. At some point, spinal canal stenosis will become significant enough that the conservative treatments fail to alleviate the symptoms. At that point, the patient will generally look for some type of surgical relief for their symptoms. Through minimally invasive techniques at Laser Spine Institute, we can make an incision in the low back, smaller than an inch. We split the muscle. It’s a musclesparing surgery. Therefore, the muscle is not cut—less pain, less bleeding, quicker recovery. We get down.

To bone and make a window in the bone called a laminotomy. Through that window, we’re able to access the spinal canal. We’re able to remove offending agents that are pinching or narrowing the canal, thereby, eliminating the pinching or symptoms that are experienced by the narrow spinal canal.

What is a spinal canal stenosis Laser Spine Institute

Hello. My name is Reginald Davis. I’m a neurosurgeon at Laser Spine Institute. And I would like to discuss with you the condition of spinal canal stenosis. Spinal canal stenosis is a condition that exists when the area in the spine reserved for the spinal cord and nerves, the spinal canal, is too small. Pressure on these sensitive structures can lead to problems. And that condition is called spinal canal stenosis. Spinal canal stenosis leads to a variety of symptoms, depending on where the condition occurs. When there’s pressure on the spinal cord, such as in the cervical spine and thoracic spine, it can lead to difficulties with balance, difficulty with sensation and difficulty with.

Coordination. When the condition is causing pressure on the nerves at any level, it can lead to pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, clumsiness of the affected structures of the hands and feet or the arms and legs. Spinal canal stenosis can be treated conservatively in some instances. These treatment modalities include medication such as antiinflammatory medications, pain relievers and muscle relaxants. The treatment can include: physical therapy with modalities such as heat, massage, gentle range of motion and strengthening exercises. The modalities can also include injection therapies, including epidural steroid injections or cortisone injections or nerve blocks.

In the treatment of spinal canal stenosis, sometimes the conservative measures simply don’t work. Under those circumstances, one must the variety of surgical options. These options fall into the categories of decompression, removal of those structures that are causing pressure, with or without additional stabilization such as a spinal fusion.

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